Will Money Make You Happy?


Here in Singapore, you work hard because you need money to live. Actually, the higher the pay, the happier you will be however, many people beg to disagree. Money will make you happy until a certain point in time. Once you attained everything that you ever wished for, money will no longer give the same effect.

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Of course you think this is odd since money can buy all things even happiness. How good it feels not to worry about money and the future but you have to know that there are some studies that prove money is not everything. You will not understand it unless you experienced it.

Take Evan Spiegel’s example. He is a twenty three year old CEO of a startup company called Snapchat. In the past months, Wall Street Journal reported that he turned down an acquisition offer of $3 billion from Facebook. In the minds of ordinary people, he is crazy for turning down such offer. But on his end, additional money will not make him happy since he is twice rich already without the acquisition offer.

Those who are bewildered about his decision said he made a great mistake but tech guys understood his decision. The topic of wealth and happiness is complicated and topics about it are coated with judgement. So will money make you happy? Here are some interesting thoughts:


Relationship will make you happier than money

There is an argument that the more money you have, the happier your life would be. The truth is, you do not need money to maintain the level of happiness. Happiness reflects on the relationships that you make and the quality thereof.

Money will only make you want more

If you think about your money and everyone else’s, you will always feel poor. You have $10 million dollars but when you learned that your neighbour has 11, you will feel poor hence you strive to make more money – which is not that fun.

You end up working all the time

You work hard to be rich unless you are an heiress. You see some rich people on television enjoying and living the life. If you got rich through hard work, you will spend most of your time cultivating your money and you end up hustling work and family.

The lesson here is whether you have an extravagant living or a simple one, money will certainly not make you happy. Money is just superficial. Look for deeper things like knowledge and inner peace. Your days will be happier that way.

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