Why You Should Start Doing Calisthenics Now

Calisthenics are exercises performed rhythmically using only bodyweight. You may have passed the Singapore Calisthenics Academy or some calisthenics parks and you’ve become curious about this form of exercise. So, here are some of the reasons why you should start doing calisthenics!

1. You can do it anywhere
Calisthenics can be done just about anywhere because it only really utilizes your own bodyweight. You can go to parks or playgrounds and use the monkey bars, you can stay at home and have a pull-up bar set up, you’ll be able to do it wherever you are. Aside from being able to do it anywhere, you also won’t need to buy some fancy equipment.

2. Builds strength
Because you use your bodyweight in calisthenics exercises, you activate a lot more muscles. This, in turn, will help improve your overall endurance and strength. Using more muscle groups (which will always happen in calisthenics) instead of focusing on a specific one will allow the body to spread and develop muscle strength more effectively.

3. Full-body workouts
Calisthenics exercises involve focusing on the entire body and not just one muscle or muscle group. The pull-up, for example, not only targets your back muscles but also involves the use of the arms, the core, and the shoulders.

4. Less taxing on the joints
With the natural movement employed in calisthenics exercises, you are less susceptible to injuries. Lifting weights, especially if done incorrectly or if they’re too heavy, can cause excessive strain on your joints, ligaments, and tendons. Additionally, multiple muscles are working together which means that a particular muscle is less likely to get injured.

5. Good for building muscle
Some may argue that calisthenics is not really optimal for building more muscle, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Especially when you’ve just started working out, you’ll definitely see gains. Once you get used to the exercises, you can then add other factors like weighted chains and sandbags to increase the intensity of your workout. Plus, calisthenics not only helps build muscle, but also makes muscle tone more visible.

6. Flexibility
To be able to perform the movements correctly, exercises typically require a certain amount of flexibility. The body easily adapts to these exercises to maximize and improve flexibility. This is particularly beneficial because it can also translate to functional movement. This means that you get better at doing your day to day physical activities.

7. It’s really fun
In a way, calisthenics can be fun because you can always use your creativity to experiment with your workouts. Most people lose motivation in exercising because of the repeated routines they are meant to do. With calisthenics though, you could do a hundred exercises and still add something to spice them up.