Toning Your Arms

Women are especially conscious about their arms when wearing their sleeveless tops. As a result, women submit to hours of toning their arms. There is nothing wrong with that. If you belong to this group, you should do your best to stick to your routine so you can achieve your ideal arms.


Here are some exercises that you can consider when you are serious about toning your arms:


  • Curls: Look for a chair or bench, sit with your legs spreading your legs a little and carry the dumbbell in both arms. Before getting started, make sure to lean forward. Now you can swing your arms downwards and back to your shoulder. Do it ten times.
  • Upright row: After the curls, you can do the upright row. This is easy, think that you are part of a rowing team. Stand straight and carry the dumbbells in front of you. Do not forget to bend your elbows and then row like you mean it. Do it ten times.
  • Band exercises: Band exercises will tone your arms making it stronger. Be sure to stand over the resistance band. You have to spread your feet first before doing the exercise. You should hold each of the band and slowly pull it towards your shoulders. After bringing it upwards, you can drop it to discharge the tension.

Then again, exercise will not suffice if you do not change your diet and your eating habits. Toning the body in general comprise of many things not just exercise. If you think that you cannot do everything at once, you have to slow down and enjoy the moment. Do not rush the body. Let the body adapt to the changes and it will surely bring you good times.


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