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Graduates of National University of Singapore–Master of Business Administration (NUS-MBA) are pleased to know that the school ranked number 32 in the recently concluded Financial Time Annual Global MBA Rankings. This is the highest ranking of a Singapore business school so far. The announcement was made on January 27, 2014. The announcement overwhelmed not just the graduates of the Business Administration. All students rejoiced.


There were about 100 business schools included in the FT Annual Global MBA Rankings. The first spot went to Harvard Business School. The second spot went to Stanford Graduate School of Business followed by London Business School then the University of Pennsylvania: Wharton. The fifth spot was taken by the Columbia Business School. NUS ranked 32nd which is a great honour considering that last year, NUS was on the 36th spot.

If you must know, the FT Annual Global MBA Rankings honours and give credit to the best business schools in the world. It acknowledges best management programmes. If you want to know more about FT’s systems, you should read further. Here are some things you need to know about FT:


If you want to be taught in the best schools, you should refer to the FT Annual Global MBA Rankings. You should know that there are six rankings that are published every year. MBA, Executive MBA, Masters in Management, Masters in Finance, Executive Education and European Business Schools.



Unfortunately not all business schools can participate in the rankings. To be eligible, business schools should be accredited by Equis and their business programme should be at least 4 years. The first class of the school must have graduated 3 years before the publication of the ranking date.


If the business schools want to join the rankings, they should know the timetable. In the case of Annual Global MBA Rankings, the surveys open every September and it will close the following month. The publication will be January of next year. In the case of Executive Education Rankings, the surveys open every February and it will close the following month. The publication will be May of next year. For Masters in Finance Rankings, the surveys open every March and it will close the following month. The publication will be June of next year.

As an addition, NUS-MBA ranked 10th for International Mobility (IM). IM is an indicator that graduates of NUS have high demands internationally. NUS is also in the 19th spot for the International Experience (IE). IE mirrors the global exposure of MBA students throughout the programme. This shows that NUS and the educational system of Singapore are internationally acclaimed.


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