Photowalking in Singapore

Here are some of the best spots in the Lion City where shutterbugs like you can feast your eyes—and camera—on. So get yourself in your street-suave outfit, charge your camera’s batteries, and head out to these following places suggested by professional photographers Mark Teo, Benny Hoh, and Lester Ledesma.

Kampong Buangkok – Your photowalking experience can even be greater when you immerse yourself in the rural. Kampong Buangkok is a traditional village you won’t find on a local map. Wooden houses, chickens under banana trees, and other typical scenes of everyday life in the rural areas are what you can highlight in your photographs.

Punggol – Landscape photography buffs are sure to enjoy what Punggol has to offer. It is an undeveloped shore where you can see for yourself the simple beauty of nature. You’ll be inspired even more to take photos of it to show to those who are jaded with the city’s skyscrapers.

Little India – During your photowalk, don’t miss out on the streets. From here you can take pretty great snapshots of the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re heading out for a photowalk on a Sunday, you can get inspiration from Little India as this is the day when the area throbs with much activity.

Chinatown – If you want to capture Singapore during its old times, Chinatown should be part of your itinerary. There is just a spectrum of fascinating things that you might want to capture through your camera lens. Chinatown is definitely a visual feast—old-style.

West Coast Park Beach – Onto the wild with another good destination for photowalks—West Coast Park Beach! You might want to end your long day with a perfect shot of the breathtaking sunset. Everything in the surroundings can also make for an enthralling silhouette in your photographs.

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