Laughing Your Way to a Better Life

Do you know that there is such thing as World Laughter Day? World Laughter Day here in Singapore was celebrated at Taman Merdeka on May 4, 2014. World Laughter Day was first celebrated on January 11, 1998 in India. It was organized by Dr. Madan Kataria which founded the Laughter Yoga. Today, a lot of Singaporeans join the Laughter Yoga movement because of its benefits.


What is laughter yoga? It is called Hasyayoga. It is a practice that involves prolonged and voluntary laughter. Laughter yoga is working under the premise that laughter delivers psychological and physiological benefits. If you are curious of the mechanics, you should read further.


  • It is done in groups: Laughing will be easy if you are with the group. Laughing yoga should be done in groups.
  • Eye contact should be established: Participants will first establish eye contact. The eye contact should be maintained all throughout the event.
  • Playfulness should be present:  Apart from eye contact, participants should promote childlike playfulness. The light heartedness and liveliness will eventually lead to laughter.
  • Warm up: Like any other exercises, laughter yoga usually begins with warm up. You should engage in stretching, clapping, chanting and other body movements. Warm up helps with the inhibition you are feeling.
  • It does not involve humour: Everyone can laugh without relying on humour. You should learn to laugh without humour or comedy.
  • It is contagious: Participants will then laugh and it will be contagious. Laughing is so infectious that everyone will laugh in no time.

Indeed laughter is the best medicine. If you are really serious about joining the movement, you have to join laughter clubs near you.



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