Keeping Yourself Safe from the Haze

If the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) value is 201 to 300, the descriptor is very unhealthy range; the people should wear N95 masks. When the PSI value reaches 301 to 400, the descriptor is hazardous range; the general population should stay indoors as much as possible and wear N95 masks. When you face haze, what can you do aside from wearing N95 and monitoring the forecast? Here are some thing that you can do to reduce if not eliminate the effects of haze:


1.       Keep doors and windows close. If the PSI value goes up, you should always keep your doors and windows close. This is to prevent the haze from totally engulfing your house.

2.       Change air filters. If you are using air conditioners, it is advisable that you change your filters. Change filter as much as you can because it can help in the purification of air inside.


3.       Do not smoke. Do yourself and the people around you a favour, take a break from smoking when haze is present. It will add to the severity especially if there are people with medical conditions around.

4.     If all things get worse, seek medical attention. If you noticed that things are not better for you, it is imperative that you seek medical treatment. There are many hospitals and polyclinics here in Singapore that you can go to.

Haze is from the actions of mankind. No matter what precautions we take inside the house as long as there are industries, haze is not very far. The Singapore government is urging us to reduce air pollution. The government has set standards for industries. As an individual, we can also help. We can join motor pools or simply consider public transport instead of bringing our own car. In that little way, we can make a difference.



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