Introducing Our Pre-schoolers to the World of Words  

We have heard many times that reading is important in the lives of everybody. As young as our kids are, we have to instil the value of reading because it can make a difference at the end of the day. Pre-schoolers are especially difficult to teach because their minds are wandering and more often it is only filled with thoughts of toys and games.


We do not need to scold our kids if they do not want to read. It is hard to learn if we are pushed into it. We only need to make them realize that reading is indeed fun and it is something that they should look forward. Let us start in our homes by introducing our pre-schoolers to the world of words. The effort should come from us.

How do they introduce them to the world of words to create a fine impression? Well, we need papers, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, magazines and glue. These things can be found easily knowing that there are many bookstores here in Singapore.

After securing the materials, we will need to consider the following:


  • Hang posters: Kids are visual beings. If they find something plain, it gets boring for them. The challenge here is to make the posters interesting enough for numerous views. We can look for alphabet posters and post it on their bedroom walls. If we want, we can make the posters with the help of our kids. Make sure that the letters are clear and large.
  • Label things: Labelling works like a charm. If we label things, our kids can identify it in no time. For example, if our kid draws a house, we have to label it and put it somewhere where they can easily see.
  • Make lists: Let our kids see how we accomplish our shopping list. We should say the words aloud and write legibly. It does not have to end there. We have to let our kids make their own list too and watch them write the letters and spell the words.
  • Create scrapbook: Being creative can make a difference. Our kids are innately creative, we just need to give them a chance to prove that. We can start by creating scrapbooks.

Remember that if we expose our children to letters or words often, they will start to recognize the shapes. It does not end there because they will also learn to associate it with their daily lives. With this, words or reading will be more easier.


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