Fun and Adventure in Singapore

Planning a trip to Singapore or a first-time tourist? Having a hard time to think on what to do during your trip in Singapore could be very frustrating. Here are few things to do while on Singapore. Spice up yourself a little and taste Singapore-style seafood- Chili Crab, Butter Prawns and Black Pepper Crayfish for a very unforgettable meal.


Where to Stay

If you still don’t have a place to stay, check out for hotels; from Chinatown’s vintage designs hotels to hip Gallery hotels with its post-modern decors. Have your body relaxed at Spa Botanica, one of Asia’s biggest outdoor spas. Pamper yourself and enjoy every detail of massage as you see Singapore’s view of nature.

Going Artistic

If you are an artistic person or just want to explore on art, go to Ming Village and create your own Chinese masterpieces. Before going to bed, enjoy a cup of tea with your friend or loved one at Orchid Country Club or Jurong Country Club as you watch Singapore’s beautiful night sky.

Adventure Time

Take yourself into an adventure on your second day and have an unforgettable wild ride on the amphibious half-truck, half-boat craft on Ducktour. Do not forget to take a picture of Raffles Hotel’s doorman; it is one of most photographed personality in Singapore.


Palate Treat

Add more adventure to your food and stop over at the Imperial Herbal kitchen and have a taste of exotic dishes such as deep fried ants and scorpions. Make sure you are brave enough. Meet new friends and show your dance moves at Mohamed Sultan Road. Party till you drop.

Go Shopping!

Indulge yourself on shopping spree at orchard Road where you could find best retail shops, from designer’s brands, gadgets and accessories. Prices are very competitive and you would have a chance to bargain for it. I know you are very excited now as you plan your Singapore trip. These are just few tips of places and food to enjoy. Make your Singapore trip a memorable one- full of fun and adventure!

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