Dog: A Man’s Best Guide

Blindness is difficult. If you have this disability, you need to accept it and make the most if your life. It is not easy but with the help of people around, you will surely get by. For Mr. Alvin Ng, his life is easier with the help of his dog. Mr. Ng walks around Singapore with his dog Seretta, a two year old Labrador. Seretta is very special because she is trained by a professional guide dog instructor from Australia. The dog is trained based on Mr. Ng’s environment and physical type.With Seretta, Mr. Ng efficiently navigates around Singapore.


Aside from guiding you, a dog is a blessing. Having dogs entail benefits. Benefits include:


Dogs can lessen stress and it can effectively decrease blood pressure. Aside from those, dog ownership is found to lower cholesterol and it can predict seizure attacks. More importantly, it can keep you healthy. Dogs need exercise and so do you. You should bring your dogs outside for exercise and you too can reap the benefits.


Dog owners feel positive things when they are around their dogs. Dogs ease anxiety plus they can help you relax and feel safe. Dogs can also lift your mood and when you feel lonely or isolated, they seem to understand. To make it shorter, dogs bring happiness to their master. Their loyalty is unbeatable; they will never leave you no matter what happens.


When you have dogs, there is a tendency that many people will approach you and talk to you. You will notice this if example you are in the park with your dog, there will always be someone who will approach you. It can promote interaction.

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