Coping With Bullying

Bullying is not new. There are many reported cases of bullying here in Singapore and around the world. In fact, there were unfortunate events when a child or a person bullied committed suicide because they can no longer contain their feelings. With this, it is very important that you know what your kids are going through before it is too late.

Bullying can influence your child’s overall growth and development. Bullying is not only for the young because teenagers and even professionals feel bullied at certain point in time. It is crucial that bullying should be tackled at an early stage so it will not go on. Here are some advices that you can give your kids when they are bullied:


  • Do not fight back. Bullied kids tend to fight back but fighting back will only increase the tension. Tell your kids not to fight back because it is the right thing to do.
  • Do not use verbal or written insults. There are bullied kids that use verbal or written insults since they cannot get back on the bullies physically. That is not a good thing. It will only lead to further aggression.
  • Avoid cyber bullying. If your child is experiencing cyber bullying, that is receiving text messages and posting comments, you should tell him/her that it is best to block the messages or not read them at all.
  • Tell your children you are there for them. You may not have a concrete solution for the problem but if you tell your kids that you are always there, that is more than enough.


Bullying should be stopped but of course, you should accept that completely wiping it is not possible. There will always be bullies no matter how hard you pray but you can teach your children to be strong when they face it. It will be hard on the part of your kids. It is important that they know you are always there for them.

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