Shopping Destinations in Singapore

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy beautiful things in Singapore! If you have a great amount of money, you deserve to spend a little once in a while and Singapore is the best place to do that. The good thing about Singapore is that they focus on the economic class and the higher class at the same time which makes a spectacular combination to improve the standard of beauty around the country. There may be a lot of places to spend your money, but you want to make sure that you spend your money on the things that make you happy.

Here is a list of the places where the things you crave for aren’t so difficult to find:

  1. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Imagine a river much like those scenes in movies that depict a small boat sailing gently through romantic arch bridges. Now can you believe that you would be able to find that in Marina Bay Sands? Not only are the brands and food exquisite but so are the scenery and life in this mall. Shopping for the latest and most adored brands is not a problem as the Shoppes have the best of the best from all around. And yes, riding the boat is possible!

  1. Vivo City

The largest shopping mall in Singapore has nothing to hide as it is not just big but very much enjoyable as they boast their 15 cinema screens, a rooftop amphitheatre, and even an art gallery inside. Vivo City does not only provide luxury, but also entertainment. There are tons of things to do in Vivo City if you are tired of shopping around and are just dying to visit the mall to relax a little bit. The gathering of food and clothing is amazing and may seem like an unending list as the options will never run out as to which stores or which restaurants to enjoy.

  1. Raffles City Shopping Center

Last but not the least on our list is Raffles City Shopping Center. Although it does not offer as much extravagance as the other two malls mentioned earlier, Raffles City Shopping Center is a place where you can shop humbly for high-end products. The beauty of Raffles City Shopping Center is the balance between the affordable and luxurious for moments when you may feel like you have spent too much but want to keep on shopping.

If you can’t decide which mall to go to, check out all of them and experience the beauty of Singapore.

05 Aug 2019

Singapore and the World

One of the beauties of being a Singaporean citizen is getting a Singaporean passport and although it may not seem like too much, the Singaporean passport actually allows you to travel to almost everywhere in the world without much struggle. Singapore has brilliant relationships with other countries and this is why other countries are very friendly to Singaporeans.

Although a small country, Singapore does not fail to disappoint with its luxurious airlines, namely Silkair and Singapore Airlines. The traveller’s itch is a common feeling for our artistic and wondrous souls as we still crave the adventure of finding new places and discovering new things.

Here are ten major places you can visit visa-free for a Singaporean citizen.

Canada – Although most people tend to compare Canada to America, they would find that Canada has a really different and interesting city culture.

United Kingdom – The United Kingdom is the home of numerous great historical sites and people tend to go here to be inspired and experience the culture of both art and progress.

Peru – A lot of out-of-this-world sceneries can be found in Peru. If you are craving for that tropical, mountainous, ancient, and spiritual trip, Peru is the place for you

Hong Kong – Hong Kong needs the least introduction as people know this place to be the Asian equivalent of Las Vegas where the party doesn’t stop and there are so many things to keep you busy.

Bahamas – If you want to sit down, relax, enjoy the beaches, and just free your soul, the Bahamas is the place to go. With amazing beaches and life changing experiences, the Bahamas might make you not want to leave.

Ireland – Although the opposite from tropical countries, this does not mean that Iceland is not at all beautiful. In fact, Iceland is breath-taking! The beauty everywhere makes for a jaw dropping awe as you can witness the wonders in which cold part of this world has to offer.

Japan – Although you may find a lot of similarities between Japanese and Singaporeans, Japan has one of the most interesting cultures as it is very well preserved and very well presented.

Greece – The mind of a philosopher or the mind of an artist? It does not matter, Greece is definitely a place where you would enjoy as a place where both great art and great minds meet.

France – Ah yes, haven’t we all dreamt of going to France and unleashing the inner romantic inside us? Well, this is one of the perks of having a Singaporean passport.

Spain – Finally, are you ready to sing and dance and enjoy the rich and suave culture in Spain? Spain needs no introduction as Spaniards are well known around the globe. Visiting Spain will change your life as it might open the inner dreamer inside of you.

The Singaporean passport is a privilege! Don’t forget to make the most out of it.

05 Aug 2019

Marvelling at the Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

lighted-cherry-blossom-lake-japan If you love to smell cherry blossoms and you wonder what it looks like, it is time to see it. You should head to Japan. According to the Weather Map Co. the first blooming of cherry blossoms for this year will be around March 18, 2014. This is earlier than usual because the temperatures now are higher.

Because of the increase in temperature, the blooming of cherry blossoms are faster. People can now see the cherry blossoms earlier. If you want to witness its blooming, you should make your arrangements right away. Here are some information about the cherry blossoms in Japan:



The first blooming will be in Kochi and Miyazaki prefectures. On March 20, cherry blossoms in Fukuoka prefecture will bloom. In Nagoya, cherry blossoms will bloom on March 23 and in Tokyo, it will bloom on March 24. In Osaka, it will bud on March 25 and in Kyoto it will bloom on March 26. The blooming of cherry blossom in Hokkaido, Tohoku and Shinetsu will be broadcasted later.

Best Viewing Days

If you want to witness the blooming in Tokyo, it is best to view it from March 31-April 9. If you like to go to Kyoto, the best days to view it is from April 1-10. If you decided to head to Fukuoka, it is best to witness the cherry blossom from March 27-April 4. In Osaka, the best days to view it is from March 31-April 8. If you want to go to Nagoya, it would be best to view the cherry blossoms from March 30-April 7.

In Japan, cherry blossom viewing is called “hanami”. Many people are fascinated with cherry blossoms. Viewing is easy. You only need to relish the intensity of the many blooms. You can look at a single tree or if you prefer you can wander around many trees.




07 Mar 2014