4 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid (at All Costs!)

Have you ever posted a tweet, a comment or a Facebook status that you wish you can take back? Perhaps, all of us have. However, to ensure you won’t fall into the same trap over and over again, here are four of the most common social media mistakes to avoid to save yourself from public embarrassment.

1. Leaving the Privacy Setting of Your Posts Public
Control your content by limiting the audience settings. Adjust your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook audience depending on the nature of the photos you share. Your friends would want to see photos from last weekend’s get-together, but check whether the privacy is in the appropriate setting, especially if you want to limit the people who can see them. You don’t want a prospect client or employer to see things that may turn them off. If you have some unruly candids with the gang, limit visibility to people who are in the photos. Better yet, avoid posting inappropriate things at all.

2. You’re Too Camera Shy
Your Skype, LinkedIn and other profiles will be easier to locate by prospect clients and employers if they contain a clear headshot of you against a neutral backdrop. For professional profiles, never make the mistake of posting a group shot or a default clipart photo as a display image. Prepare for a professional shot by dressing and looking professional. A well-taken photo will invite attention from employers and may possibly just land you a contract.

3. Conversely, You’re Over Confident
Instagram and Facebook are your go-to places for selfies. However, stepping up your online game means delivering more well-thought updates and photos. Whether you believe it or not, your social media friends will also ‘like’ your posts about the volunteer acts in a charity, the fascinating article you shared or the research project you just completed. There’s nothing wrong with selfies as long as you don’t post one every single day.

4. You’re Sharing Too Much Stuff
You may have the freedom of speech, but your professional network, including your extended network of employers and colleagues, may not agree with every opinion you share in your social media. Once you have posted that politically-incorrect statement, you can never retract it, even after you have deleted the post from your profile. It is now in cyberspace—anything posted can be screencapped, retweeded and shared. To save yourself from the forever embarrassment, keep your posts and comments clean and away from political and religious matters.

In the world where social media becomes an everyday norm, it’s important to be extra mindful of the impressions we make on people through online communication platforms. With so much information can be easily shared and found online, personal views and opinions can conveniently be used to assess your competence and even suitability for an employment opportunity.

13 Jun 2019