What’s With People and Their Hair?

Every year, a person spends a lot of money to keep a hairstyle. Women spend more on treatments and styling. This article is not going to try to justify people’s obsession with hair but instead will list points on why getting a decent hairstyle is good for your image, health and career.

History of Hairstyles. For centuries, our crowning glory has played a part not just in fashion but even in history and religion. Long hair has symbolized femininity in most cultures, but warriors in some ethnic groups wore long hair to symbolize their status. Cutting of one’s hair is like demoting a warrior. Shaven hair was a symbol of shame for some. Even the Bible mentioned that the hair was a woman’s crowning glory.

Your Hair is You. What the rest of the world sees is often their basis for judging you. The old adage “Don’t judge the book by its cover,” has a nice ring, but it’s difficult to apply when you look like you’ve just woken up and haven’t taken a bath. Not all of us have the time to get to know you, especially your prospective employers.

If your work involves talking face-to-face with people, you’d be more convincing and less suspicious if you look your best. You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt. You need a decent hairstyle to match the image you’re trying to project. It might be the key to a business deal or an employment opportunity.

Health Indicator. A healthy hair is also a sign of good health. When you don’t have dandruff, lice, and scalp diseases it’s a good indicator that you’re clean and healthy. Just like skin and nails reflect your overall health, hair can also show symptoms of diseases. Your attention to hair will reflect how you take care of yourself.

Damaged, thinning, or graying hair can be a blow to one’s self-confidence. If you see changes in your hair, you will need to re-examine your lifestyle or look for medical causes. It could be a side-effect of medications, skin diseases, lack of or the body’s inability to absorb nutrients, or some other disease. Doctors also point out these factors: too much sugar that shrink hair follicles; too little zinc, iron and protein in food (remember that your hair is made of protein); too much or too little glycemic food; too much vitamin A; and too much mercury from seafood that make your hair brittle and thin.

The Best Salons. Ready for a new hairstyle? Here are the best salons in Singapore you should check out.

Chez Vous Hair Salon and Izumi Salon are the most recommended by women.
Kenaris Hair Salon and CLEO Hair & Make @The Central are the most recommended salons by men.
Baby Spa, Junior League, and Scissors Paper Stone are the best children’s salons.

26 Jul 2017