How to Improve Your Wardrobe Without Spending Much

There’s nothing more time consuming and frustrating than standing in front of your jam-packed closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear. Actually, you have plenty of clothes you can wear, but the point is that the clothes you own simply no longer add up to complete a stylish look. This can be extremely exasperating, especially if you just can’t afford to replace everything with new ones.

But don’t give up just yet. There are several ways you can do to improve your wardrobe without spending too much. Read on to find out how you can upgrade your closet on a cheap.

1. Come up with a capsule collection
A capsule collection consists of timeless clothing pieces. These clothes can be effortlessly mixed and matched with anything in your closet. Raid your closet and find your no-fail outfits you feel good and comfortable wearing. A good capsule collection should include a plain white tee, a simple button-down shirt, denim jeans, a tailored blazer, a little black dress and a comfy pair of office trousers.

2. Consider accessories
A capsule wardrobe—no matter how simple the pieces are—can be vamp up by adding a few elements. A plain white tee and jeans can look sophisticated when paired with kitten heels and a statement necklace or a cute scarf. Accessories can make a look, so don’t be afraid to get yourself a few brightly colored pieces to add to your outfits.

3. Shop at bazaars, night markets and thrift shops
These places have the best deals to begin with. But as you filter through endless racks of clothes, you will need some creative imagination, a great deal of patience and better haggling skills. However, remember to prioritize first the pieces you’re looking for—a floral dress and a pair of tattered jeans, for example. Once you found them, you can start wandering around to look for more pieces. That way, you have more energy to look for your priority purchases and won’t be killing your time and budget buying clothes you don’t need in the first place.

4. Split costs with your sister
Having a sister can do wonders for your wardrobe. While you and your sister are almost in the same age and have the same style, there could be some pieces you would both want to share and own. Shop for quality pieces—for example, a mid-priced purse or a pair of heels—and agree on splitting the bill.

5. Include shopping in your monthly budget
Again, no need to spare a big chunk of your paycheck on shopping. Budget just enough to shop at thrift stores and night markets. Jot down all your expenses first, and then allot a feasible amount for thrift shopping.
Take advantage of these tips, and you will be calling yourself a smart fashionista in no time.

22 May 2019

Best Clothing Pieces to Wear With Your Leggings

If you’re creating the perfect clothing pieces for your wardrobe, then you certainly wouldn’t miss owning a pair of leggings. Not only are these pieces comfortable, they’re also very versatile. So if you’re wondering what clothes to pair your leggings with, simply check out our following tips.

1. Oversized Sweaters and Leggings

Pairing it with an oversized sweater is one of the best ways to cover up your booty when wearing this stretchable, tight-fitting pants. Not only are they perfect for the cold weather, they also give your bottoms enough coverage to avoid getting any judgemental looks. Plus, our leggings won’t always be able to protect us from cold, so incorporating a bit of warmth on your top could help in balancing it out.

2. Ponchos and Leggings

Although leggings are commonly used by most women, they are often seen as plain and boring. By pairing it up with a poncho, however, you’ll be able to spice up your get-up and give it a more stylish look. Ponchos also work wonders in terms of enhancing one’s appearance with its asymmetrical hemline, so you’ll get the coverage you want along with some warmth and a little dash of flair.

3. Flats and Leggings

Want to give your leggings a dressier look? Pair it up with your favourite flats. Matching it with heels and pumps might make your ensemble fall a bit short, but that wouldn’t be the case with flats. They’re dressier than your sneakers, but it won’t make you appear like you’re trying too hard.

4. Sneakers and Leggings

Whether you’re headed to the gym or running some errands, the pairing of your leggings and sneakers is something that will never go wrong. Not only do they work wonders on your good old black leggings, they’re also an excellent match even for the colourful ones. So if your closet is filled with coloured leggings, simply opt for neutral-hued sneakers (whites, blacks and greys) to pull your get-up seamlessly.

5. Combat Boots and Leggings

Thinking of pulling off an edgier look using your leggings? Simply pair it with your combat boots. Known as a staple wear during the colder months, you can always choose to either go for the classic combat boots or the 1990’s favourite Doc Martens.

Perhaps you didn’t think that there was a science to wearing leggings, but just like with any other fashion trend, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make dressing up your good old stretchable pants easier and more fun.

23 May 2017

Proper Care and Storage of Gold Jewelry

This timeless metal is valued for its color and durability. It’s also less expensive than most gemstone jewelry like diamond, but more fashionable and less likely to tarnish than sterling silver.

Jewelers will recommend an 18 karat gold piece as the ideal type for everyday jewelry. It’s more durable than pure gold and will not easily tarnish because there is less alloy used than the gold. Gold rarely needs cleaning as well. But even if it’s not high maintenance like other metals and gemstones, you still need to handle your gold jewelry properly.

Proper Storage

Buy a jewelry box with compartments for each individual piece. Gold should be separated from other metals and gemstone jewelry to avoid scratches. If you can, wrap each piece individually or place them in pouches before placing them in each compartment. The box must be lined with fabric for protection.

When Bathing

Remove all your jewelry before washing. The soap and oil can collect on the jewelry and make the color dull. Never wear precious items when you’re going swimming at the beach or pool or planning to sit in the sauna or hot spring.

When Dressing Up

Do not put on your jewelry while you’re still dressing up. It should be the final piece in your outfit after you’re done with your make-up. Apply perfume, lotion and powder before you wear your jewelry.

Avoid Oil and Dirt

Gold is easy to clean but it attracts oil. You can rinse it with soap and water or rub the piece with a swab of cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol. Pat-dry the piece using a soft cloth like chamois or place it on top of a clean towel to air-dry.

Avoid Tarnishing

Gold jewelry that are below 18 karats can still tarnish. The alloy used will be exposed to oxygen and that’s when the corrosion happens. Avoid exposing your jewelry to household chemicals with chlorine and sulfur. These are also found in deodorants, hair spray, perfumes and other body products and cosmetics.

Maintenance and Repairs

Take your jewelry to a professional jeweler in Singapore if you notice scratches, broken chains or clasps or if the piece is too dirty to clean with just soap and water. Always inspect the piece before placing it in the jewelry box.

Gold and Gemstone

Gold, like platinum and silver, is used to hold gemstones such as diamonds. Pieces like these should be stored separately from jewelry that don’t have stones to avoid scratches. Cleaning is also different because the gemstone requires a different care from the metal. Ask your jeweler about the proper way to care for the gemstone.

19 May 2017

2014 Best Dressed List  

We not only idolize our favorite celebrities in the big screen or in our television sets. At work or off duty, we also look to them for the latest fashion trends and tips. We hope to be able to learn a thing or two about being stylish and fashionable.


We are always on the lookout for the celebrities that we want to copy certain looks and trends from. Well, it looks like this list should be updated because the People Magazine has just released their 2014 Best Dressed List.

Taylor Swift

One of the hottest names that would always pop up when it comes to style and fashion is Miss Taylor Swift herself. She has a penchant for casual dresses and structured pieces that would always make her outfit look very put together. She also dazzles in the red carpet with her stunning and sparkly gowns that always turn heads.

Chloe Grace Moretz


Moretz is a 17-year-old actress known for her roles in Carrie and If I Stay. But these are not the only things that the young actress is known for. She’s a fashion forward woman who can pull off the daring and edgy look. Her favorite pieces are from Chanel, Valentino and Dior.

Blake Lively

It seems like Blake Lively has come so far from her popularly played character from Gossip Girl, Serena van der Woodsen but we can all agree that they are both very stylish women. She does not have a stylist so whatever gorgeous outfits she parades in the red carpet or in the streets are entirely her own work. Very impressive!


20 Nov 2014