4 Stylish Ways You Can Re-purpose Your Old Jeans

Denim jeans are perhaps one of the most important and iconic pieces of clothing of all time. They are durable, easy to wear, and can be worn repeatedly. Even better is that their fading patterns can be different depending on how you wear them.  

But while even your trusty pair of jeans won’t last forever, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the old and turn it into something new – here are four ways you can re-purpose them instead of simply throwing them away:  

1. Patchwork Throw Rug

Patchwork rugs are a great way to bring together scraps of fabric and cloth lying around in the house that you don’t exactly need or wear anymore (because of their poor condition), but don’t want to simply throw away either.

Denim is actually good for this purpose, as it’s sturdy enough to serve as the throw rug’s main body without wearing down too quickly.

Simply sew the cloth scraps together until they form amain body and proceed to fill in the edges with any kind or pattern of cloth orfabric that you find lying around. You can even alternate them to form acheckered pattern between denim and other types of colored fabric.

2. Coasters

This one is fairly simple: by cutting out the seams of your jeans into their own thin strips and rolling them, you can instantly make a cloth coaster that helps to keep hot drinks from being too hot on the table and cold drinks from wetting the table with their droplets.

3. DIY Denim Corsage Patterns

After cutting five squares of the following sizes (2- 3 1/2″, 1- 3″, 1- 2 3/4″, 1- 2 1/2″) from the denim jeans, cut out four-petal flower shapes from the squares and sew along the flower shapes’ edges to prevent them from fraying.

Stack them together from biggest to smallest. As youdo this, make sure the petals don’t intersect each other. Once done, sew alarge bead of your choosing in the middle and about seven to eight smallerbeads around it (preferably of a similar color or color palette). Securetightly before gluing a safety pin to the back.

4. Denim Wreaths

An alternative piece of home decor for Christmas day can be made simply by re-purposing an old pair of denim jeans that you don’t mind sacrificing for the cause. Cut your denim into various six- by two-inch strips and tie them to a wreath-wire form until the wire is completely covered.

From there, you can proceed to spray-paint it green to match with the holidays or leave it blue. You also have the option of choosing what decoration you can pin to your denim wreath to match.

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

17 Dec 2018

Expanding a Man’s Wardrobe  

For all the manly men, like it or not, you too need to do some shopping. You can’t walk around town with just your birthday suit on, right? So, might as well look good and feel good in wearing clothes that are at the very least on-trend. If you haven’t got a clue on where to buy clothes that would fit every occasion you might find yourself in then check out this list of clothing stores that cater to men’s specific fashion needs.


Suited for Every Occasion

Formal wear is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. You could use it for those important business meetings or for attending special occasions like weddings. Men should at least own one, good-quality suit. It doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive but at least it should be well-made. And as to where you could find such a suit, look no farther than Iris Tailor.

You’ll find this gem at 304 Orchard Road, #01-102 Lucky Plaza. Started since 1982, this local shop custom-tailors suits for their clients. Their prices are very reasonable and are usually around $1250 for a full suit. If you’re clueless about fabrics, patterns, or cuts, there is no need to panic because Nani, the lovely and bubbly owner of Iris Tailor, will help you every step of the way.


Simply Laidback

For those days that you just want to relax and be casual, you cannot go wrong with Zhai Eco Collection’s cool clothes. This eco-friendly, home-grown brand creates stylish and quality clothes out of soft and luxurious bamboo fibres. With their collection of simple, classic, and versatile pieces, you could easily create numerous styles. Wearing their collection will give you a sense of style and comfort and at the same time you’re also helping our environment.

So that’s a total win-win! You could purchase their items at either branch. Their premier shop is located at Zhai Pte Ltd, 82 Haji Lane and their east coast shop is at 112 Katong, #01-34, East Coast Road. But for a more convenient shopping online, do visit them at www.zhai.com.sg. And for local orders of $50 and above, shipping is absolutely free!



26 Oct 2014