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5 Ways to Get Over a Creative Slump


Experiencing a creative block happens even to the best of us. A creative slump, also known as the blank page syndrome, is often caused by criticism, lack of inspiration or mental burnout. While going through a creative slump might feel like the end of the world to you, there are some things that you can do to overcome this problem. Here, we’ve listed down some tips that will surely help in getting your creative juices pumping again.

  1. Change Up Your Daily Routine

One factor that puts most people into a creative slump is doing the same thing every day. Being stuck in a routine for a long time keeps you from feeling inspired, thus stunting your creativity. So instead of sticking with your routine, change things up and challenge your thought process. Instead of using your laptop, write down your thoughts with a pen and paper; or work outdoors instead of staying in your office. Remember that even the smallest change is already enough to trigger your senses and get your creative juices to flow.

  1. Be Positive

Being creative can be difficult when you surround yourself with negativity – but you can easily get away from this by simply thinking of happy thoughts. Start by complaining less and hanging around optimistic people. This should be enough to save you from a creative slump, since being in a positive environment will surely make you feel inspired.

  1. Exercise

Incorporating exercise in your daily routine can impact the way your mind works. Not only will working out keep you physically healthy, it’ll also help in improving your mood by releasing a hormone known as endorphins. People often experience creative slumps because they forget to care for themselves. So make sure that you make your well-being your top priority.

  1. Daydream

Although your teacher may have scolded you for doing it in class, daydreaming can actually be a great way to get over your creative slump. Doing so allows your brain to relax while imagining different solutions to the issue that you’re trying to solve. This permits you to see the big picture and be an open-minded person.

  1. Accept It

Beating yourself up because you’re experiencing a creative slump won’t get you anywhere. So instead of criticising the faults you made, learn to accept and embrace them. Failing to produce creative thoughts won’t weigh on your skill to produce good work. So embrace the moment that you’re going through a creative slump and challenge yourself to get over it by being true to your emotions.

Going through a creative slump might not be the best thing that could happen to you, but experiencing one may actually help in boosting your creativity. So avoid excessively beating yourself up whenever you experience this issue. Instead, ensure that you follow these simple tips to help you overcome your creative block once and for all.

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