Best Clothing Pieces to Wear With Your Leggings

If you’re creating the perfect clothing pieces for your wardrobe, then you certainly wouldn’t miss owning a pair of leggings. Not only are these pieces comfortable, they’re also very versatile. So if you’re wondering what clothes to pair your leggings with, simply check out our following tips.

1. Oversized Sweaters and Leggings

Pairing it with an oversized sweater is one of the best ways to cover up your booty when wearing this stretchable, tight-fitting pants. Not only are they perfect for the cold weather, they also give your bottoms enough coverage to avoid getting any judgemental looks. Plus, our leggings won’t always be able to protect us from cold, so incorporating a bit of warmth on your top could help in balancing it out.

2. Ponchos and Leggings

Although leggings are commonly used by most women, they are often seen as plain and boring. By pairing it up with a poncho, however, you’ll be able to spice up your get-up and give it a more stylish look. Ponchos also work wonders in terms of enhancing one’s appearance with its asymmetrical hemline, so you’ll get the coverage you want along with some warmth and a little dash of flair.

3. Flats and Leggings

Want to give your leggings a dressier look? Pair it up with your favourite flats. Matching it with heels and pumps might make your ensemble fall a bit short, but that wouldn’t be the case with flats. They’re dressier than your sneakers, but it won’t make you appear like you’re trying too hard.

4. Sneakers and Leggings

Whether you’re headed to the gym or running some errands, the pairing of your leggings and sneakers is something that will never go wrong. Not only do they work wonders on your good old black leggings, they’re also an excellent match even for the colourful ones. So if your closet is filled with coloured leggings, simply opt for neutral-hued sneakers (whites, blacks and greys) to pull your get-up seamlessly.

5. Combat Boots and Leggings

Thinking of pulling off an edgier look using your leggings? Simply pair it with your combat boots. Known as a staple wear during the colder months, you can always choose to either go for the classic combat boots or the 1990’s favourite Doc Martens.

Perhaps you didn’t think that there was a science to wearing leggings, but just like with any other fashion trend, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make dressing up your good old stretchable pants easier and more fun.

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