Best Asian Destinations for Solo Travellers  

Asia is one of the most wonderful places in the world for solo travellers. If you want prime service and luxurious experience, head to some of Asia’s world-renowned resorts and spas. Want isolation? Escape to the little known hideaways on secluded beaches and tropical isles.  Make new friends? Asia is the most crowded and visited region on earth. If you want to reflect and just experience the God-given beauty of the world all by yourself, here are the best Asian places to visit.


  1. Singapore

Don’t let the city-state’s small size fool you. Singapore is loaded with sightseeing opportunities, events and festivals, incredible food, and shopping malls. This place sure is traveller-friendly for its efficient public transport, clear and easy-to-understand signages, and the fact that almost everyone speaks English. Solo travellers can also roam around the city with peace of mind as Singapore is among the safest countries in the world.

  1. Japan

The “Land of the Rising Sun” is home to diverse nature and immensely rich culture. Tokyo, the capital city of the Japan, boasts a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements. Among the many activities you can do is to check out techno museums, sample sushi Tsukiji Fish Market, or play with our furry friends in cat cafes. After which, you can soak in Japan’s cultural offerings in the tranquil and low-profile Kyoto. Stepping into the temples of Kiyomizu-Dera and Golden Pavilion will give you a clearer look of Japan’s earlier years.


  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is one affordable Asian destination with so many beauties to discover and explore. Start your solo journey in the country from Kuala Lumpur to be welcomed with shopping malls and skyscrapers, and experience the authenticity of Malay cuisine at Penang—the food capital of Malaysia. Malaysian Borneo also promises great adventures amidst breathtaking landscapes filled with wildlife and greenery.

  1. Thailand

This Southeast Asian travel hub is also jam-packed with glorious sights, tranquil beaches, and fabulous shopping spots. Solo travellers are sure to enjoy the rich and diverse offering well within the budget when in Thailand. For historic encounter, Ayyuthaya and Chiang Mai offer an abundance of ancient temples and ruins and cultural and historical sites. For those dreaming for a dip in the crystal waters of Thailand, the white sand beaches of the Andaman Sea Islands are hot destinations.

These Asian countries are sure to make you plan more solo travels, and may even compel another solo visit. Take a pick from these destinations and be prepared to fall in love with everything that’s Asia.


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