5 Hacks for Quick Phone Charging  

If keeping your phone fully charged everyday is a challenge, it’s even worse when travelling. When in a long-haul flight or out exploring a new place drains your phone’s battery much faster than you expect, especially when you’re relying on your phone for entertainment, navigation, and more.


To help you with your phone’s battery problem, here are some tricks for getting more power in your phone when you’re short on time.

  1. Use a High-Power USB Adapter

Use a USB cord charger than can put out as much power as your phone can handle. For example, the iPhone 6 comes with a one amp USB adapter, but it can actually handle a 2.1 amp power adapter from an iPad and charges much faster with it. Don’t worry though, you won’t damage your phone by doing this. While the adapter provides maximum ampoules, it will only send enough power you device needs.

  1. Charge from Wall Socket

When in a hurry, charge from a wall socket instead from a laptop—it takes much shorter time to get more battery life. If, for some reason, your phone did not come with a wall adapter, there are good quality ones you can buy for as little as $10.

  1. Charge Your Power Bank Instead

Some power banks charge faster than phones and mobile devices. For instance, the Pronto power bank claims to fully charge an iPhone 5 after being wall-charged for just 15 minutes. If you leave the power bank connected for an hour, it will have enough power to fully charge your iPhone 5 three to five times.


  1. Avoid Checking Your Phone When Charging

The only thing that drains your phone’s battery, aside from the cellular data, is that big, bright screen. If you want to conserve more power, stop checking your battery level while charging your phone. Every little power conservation helps, and consistently turning on its screen display to check battery percentage is only going to delay your charge more.

  1. Turn On Flight Mode

All of those apps running in the background chew up your phone’s battery life, but the cellular data and WiFi are among the biggest power eaters of all. To ensure you’re getting as much juice when charging, put your phone in flight more when plugged in. If you are expecting a text or call, at least turn off your WiFi and mobile data to save a little battery.

When you’re someone who relies so much on your smartphone, may it be for work, travel, or personal use, you know how hard it is to be left with a dead phone in the middle of the day. Charge your phone the smart way and you won’t have to worry about drained-out phone again.


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