5 Common Shoe Problems Your Cobbler Can Fix for You

Your shoes are an investment, so it’s important to not just take care of them, but also to have tem repaired and adjusted by a skilled cobbler when needed. This way, you not only get to save money, but you also extend the life of your footwear or even make it brand-new again.

To get you started, here are five common problems with your shoes that a cobbler can easily fix for you:

1. Slippery sole
A slippery sole is usually a sole that has worn down over time, and when you find that you have a hard time walking on your shoes without slipping, don’t hesitate to take them to a cobbler to install new non-skid ones.

2. Broken heel
A broken heel can easily ruin your day, but that doesn’t mean that your heels can’t be saved or even turned into something different entirely. For instance, your cobbler can easily narrow your wide heel into a stiletto, or adjust your stiletto into a wide heel.

3. The in-sole is too stiff
Your cobbler can add the right padding that suits the insole and arch of your shoes, which is great if you find yourself needing to walk a long distance in heels.

If you have a pinched toe or a tight heel, a cobbler can also stretch that part of your shoe for you using a stretching machine, as well as adjust the back part of the shoe in order to keep your heels from getting blisters.
Other problems include your shoe itself being either too tight or too loose, and if the latter is true for you, the worst thing you can encounter is accidentally flinging your shoe off and being unable to retrieve it.

4. Too long/short straps
Sandals or sling-backs can either be too long or too short for your foot, but a cobbler can adjust the straps for you to make them fit just right.

5. Not being weather/waterproof
When you’re stuck with bad weather and need to get from one place to another quickly in the rain, it’s important to have footwear that can stand up to the rain without soaking your feet.

But while you may think that getting boots for rainy days is a little too much, there’s a great fix for that. You can easily make your shoes waterproof by taking them to a cobbler and have any gaps tightened to prevent any water from going in.

Shoes eventually wear down with time and constant use, even with proper maintenance, in which case you need to take it to a cobbler who can fix it for you. But the good news is that there are many cobblers in Singapore who can do it for a reasonable price.