4 Tips to Get the Most of Your iOS 8  

After a few months of the release of Apple iOS 8, people are still trying to explore the new and improved features of this operating system. To help you get the most out of your Apple iOS 8 gadget, here are several tips you need to know about iOS 8 and its features.


Battery Life

Knowing your battery percentage is essential especially for people who use their Apple gadgets for different important purposes. To find out the exact battery life of your mobile or gadget, go to the Settings menu, click General, look under Usage and you can find the Battery Usage option. Under this option, you can see how much battery you have used for an entire day and over the past few days as well.

Scanning Credit Cards

When you shop on websites using your Safari web browser, the iOS 8 now allows you to scan your credit cards, instead of just entering in the card numbers. The scanner is located just above the keyboard.


Better Photos

The new operating system also improves the features of your camera. Now, the light exposure can now be manipulated before you even take a photo. Just tap the sun icon in your camera app, then you can drag it up and down to control how much light will enter your photo.

Talk to Siri

People can now talk to Siri without holding down the home button. Simply open the Siri menu and then turn on the “Hey Siri” option. This option allows you to speak to Siri by just saying “Hey Siri”.


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