Typical Friends That Everybody Has

Your School Buddy

Someone who makes you want to go to school even in weekends.  Your food-giver in times of hunger during boring lectures. Your savoir when you have no assignments. Your number one secret keeper of your crush and the person who has a crush on you. And School life will never be the same without this person.

Your Neighbor Chum

Someone who you can easily call to fool around and hangout with. Your ultimate attendee of almost all gatherings you have in your house. Your videogames player2, spending almost all day in your room playing. Your almost brother/sister for he/she can go in and out of your house anytime and freely can eat whatever he/she wants. And thinking that he/she will migrate to other country or leave the neighbourhood will definitely make you poignant.

Your Church Friend

Someone who you can sincerely talk to if you have a problem in your life. The great adviser of every dilemma you’re facing. The sender of bible verses that makes up your day.  The most faithful and genuine in his/her actions towards you.  And you will always feel that you are blessed whenever he or she is with you.friend

Your Office Mate

Someone who you can share things about your boss and how you want to change everything in your job. The only one you trust in the office. The one who always wait for you to have a lunch together. The one who invite you to party after a job well done. And he/she is one of the reasons why you are staying in your job.

Your Childhood Comrade

Someone who knows you ever since. The one who loves to bring up your past.  The one who makes fun of your old memories together. And the one you will always missed.beautiful-friends-photography-sky-together-Favim.com-400979

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