The Best Cinemas for Every Moviegoer

There are several movie houses in Singapore, and here are some of the bests. Check them out on your next movie trip.

The Cathay Cineplex

The Cathay Cineplex houses two cinema rooms—The Picturehouse and The Platinum Movie Suites. In The Platinum Movie Lounge, moviegoers can have some snacks while enjoying the free WI-FI access and the complimentary use of iPads. Moviegoers can sit back and relax on the recliner seats made of the finest premium leather. Plus, they can also request for blankets and pillow for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Golden Village Vivocity

Golden Village Vivocity has three cinema rooms namely Cinema Europa, GV Max, and Gold Class. Cinema Europa features a deluxe stadium seating with 108 seats, a superb screen, and a digital sound theatre system. GV Max, a massive theatre with over 600 seats, prides itself as having one of Asia’s largest screens measuring 22.4 metres.  Gold Class provides a “first class airline” experience. Each recliner seat has automatic control buttons on the side. Also, beside the theatre is a private lounge that serves gourmet food, beverage, and wine that complement the luxurious movie experience of every moviegoer.

Shaw Theatres Lido

Singapore has embraced the IMAX digital technology since it launched The Shaw Theatre IMAX, the first movie theatre that offers IMAX. Moviegoers now enjoy a movie experience like no other—sitting back and relaxing on a leather seat, watching the movie on an overwhelmingly big screen, and enjoying excellent food and wines.

Every movie you watch gives you a new experience and takes you to a whole new dimension. To a moviegoer, the cinema where he or she will be spending hours to watch a certain film has something to do with that new experience and new dimension.

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