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Budget Wedding Menu Ideas for Your Wedding

Preparing for an inexpensive wedding is not wrong. If you are the practical type, there is no reason why you should delay your wedding because a cost effective wedding is possible if you set your heart to it. You do not need a lavish and elaborate wedding just to let the world know. You can keep it as intimate as possible with only a few people on your list. The first thing that you should do is determine your overall budget and the budget for each category like the gown, cake, venue, wedding hotel banquet, etc. No matter what happens, you should be serious about not exceeding your budget because other things might be compromised.


Getting married here in Singapore is fun and thrilling because there are many things that you can consider. After the budget, you need to set and confirm the final date. It is imperative that you thought about your theme because the venue, decors, flowers, cakes, wedding hotel banquet and gown will depend on it. You should proceed with the booking of venue and the food. If in this case you chose hotels, you should also consider wedding hotel banquet. If you really want to hold your reception in a hotel, perhaps you should consider three star hotels. Three star hotels are also competitive when it comes to wedding hotel banquet. You get to enjoy the food and venue without spending too much.

Ask the wedding hotel banquet team if they allow outside caterers. If they do, you should set out and look for a catering service. There are many catering service here in Singapore so do not worry about it. Caterers have this “minimum person” rule. You should fill it out to maximize your payment. Here are some services caterers will suggest:


Setting up wedding hotel buffet tables are economical but this can be very inconvenient for other visitors because in this setup, you need to fall in line and wait for your turn. The best solution for this to get a perfect wedding banquet in Singapore to avoid a traffic jam is to distribute the population. You can distribute it by establishing different buffet stations or tables for each course. The buffet should not be a long table. You can create stations for desserts, meats, appetizers, etc. so that the population will be dispersed. People who want to eat desserts right away will not wait long because the appetizers came first.



Seated setup is organized and convenient. Many people prefer this because they will just sit and wait for the food to be served. This is more expensive than buffet. You are paying for the food plus the waiters that serve it. This is perfect if you invited few people.

You should also think about the drinks and music. When you think of hotel wedding celebrations, food, drinks and music are inseparable. For the drinks, you can make your own concoction then put it in the bar. It doesn’t have to be hard liquors. Music should also be considered. You can get a live band (if you have spare budget) or you can simply play music in the sound system. If you want, you can consider other forms of entertainment like games (wedding related) and other merriments.

10 Dec 2013