Singapore’s Food-Inspired Cocktail Drinks

When it talks about drinks, you will probably think about having a party. However, you cannot always say that because there are lots of people who do not want to drink ssome beverages like cocktails. Most of the time, they drink because they just want to but sometimes, they drink because there is an important occasion and will require you to drink.

Although it is not good to drink cocktails most especially when the quantity consumed is higher than the normal, there are some people who say that you need to drink cocktails in moderation. In relation to that, here are some food-inspired cocktails in Singapore that you need to drink but you should be mindful that you should only drink it in moderation.


  • Banana Pancake Drink -A strong whiskey from Turkey is mixed in this drink. Aside from that, it contains lemon juice, cinnamon tea and banana liquor that are placed beautifully in a bamboo cup. This drink is a good for midnight snacks and for those who simply want to get sleepy.
  • Bak kwa – To achieve a full taste of bak kwa’s original flavor and aroma, you need to mix up different flavors like grilled pork and many more. For sure, you will have a savory drink that you have never seen nor tasted before.
  • The Big Breakfast – No, it’s not about a large meal during your breakfast, it’s only a name in the form of a beverage. Really, a big breakfast is a tequila based drink you will definitely want especially in parties. Its ingredients consist of a pinch of salt, lemon, cherry, celery, pepper and some Worcestershire as well as tequila.


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