Singapore Airlines: Your Home in the Sky

We commonly ask the questions: What’s the best city? What’s the best food? What’s the best country? And other debatable things when we travel but one thing is for sure in my experience and for other travelers that Singapore Airlines is the best in the world, no doubt about it!


The first time I went to Asia was in 1999 and it was also the first time I flew with Singapore Airlines. I was still a “beginner” in traveling at that time and have not compared it with other airlines, but I was convinced that it was the best plane to fly with.

Their economy class does not define the “economy” service because they served the best food aside from lovely cabin crews. For many years, Singapore airlines has not changed their service in fact, it has gotten better and better as their economy grows and becoming always on top.

I am also very fortunate that I had tried their business class suite. It does not only give you a very comfortable flat bed seat which gets you asleep over long hours of travel, but it is on every detail that counts which makes Singapore Airlines very different from the others.

I always feel comfortable and at home during my Singapore Airlines flights. The cabin crews are well groomed and some passengers fail to notice the music that is played after landing which relaxes the ambiance and how they are very polite and attentive to needs of passengers. They have the nicest and most helpful cabin crews that I know.

If planning to have your business, family or even your honeymoon trip, I recommend you Singapore Airlines. It gives excellent and first-class trip services to passengers. It is your home in the skies.

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