Rumours About Apple’s Next Big Thing  

Rumour has it that Apple is making something – we do not know it yet but for sure it will be the next big thing. This sounds familiar.  We hear this line often that it becomes normal. In fact, some Singaporeans are not that excited when Apple says something  big is coming.


However, there are still others who are thrilled to hear news from the largest and richest tech company in the world. There are different news and it is hard to determine which are true and not. Here are some rumours about Apple’s next big thing:

  • iPhones: There have been reports that Apple will again release new sets or iPhones – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. According to BuzzFeed report, the release will be on the first week of September probably September 9. Business Insider also said that the new phones will feature the Force Touch technology.

The technology will let us press forcefully or lightly the touchscreen. On the other hand, Daring Fireball thinks that the camera of the new phones will have noteworthy upgrades. Regardless of the new features and the release date, one thing is certain – it will run under Apple’s new operating system.

  • iPad Pro: iPad Pro is large compared to its predecessor (the iPad Air 2). According to rumours, iPad Pro will feature 12 to 13 inches display. In fact, CNET also described that the Pro will come with C port – USB type which is akin to the new MacBook. It does not end there because Pro will also feature a stylus like the Surface Pro 3. Chitchats say that Pro will be released sometime in November this year.


  • Apple car: Rumour has it that Apple is developing their own brand of cars. Well, news agencies like The New York Times and Bloomberg revealed that Apple has been pirating and hiring designers, engineers and executives for their automobiles. Apple did not categorically deny this one but there is no news of the car yet. Apple car is possible since the company has the financial means to make it happen. We will wait and see.
  • Apple television service: Apple is looking to enter the TV business. This is a report from The Wall Street Journal. Their TV business comes with a cable package that will allow its customers to stream twenty five channels. The price varies from $30 to $40 a month.

Whether these are true or not, the important thing is there is something coming.  We only need to wait and see if it really surpasses its predecessor.


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