Partyin’ at the Discotheque

It’s a great feeling to groove with your friends at the discotheque every once in a while. If you are looking for a perfect place for your next night out, you might want to show those dance moves in these dance clubs.

Velvet Underground

Located in Jiak Kim St, Velvet Underground is a stylish dance club with two rooms, one being the main bar and dance floor and the other being a “chill out” room for more intimate occasions. Usually, majority of the crowd consists of young professionals. The exclusivity of this dance club can make your night even more fun and worthwhile. Before you and your friends know it, the guy dancing in the corner and the lady sipping a cocktail are celebrities.

Acid Bar

Acid Bar is for those who want a relaxed ambience while listening to good live music. It is the place where you can be with other music lovers who love listening to pop, jazz, and blues. Occasionally, there is also a percussion set to entertain regular customers. What makes Acid Bar more interesting and inviting is its al fresco setting. The concept of open air builds on the melodic atmosphere, making it jam-packed every night.

Home Club

Home Club is the perfect place to hang out if you and your buddies want to spend a night in the club while not deviating from the feeling of being in a cosy living room of a friend’s house. This club also supports local music artists, bands, and DJs. Also, local creative artists are encouraged to use the bar’s space and walls as canvass where they can paint their imagination.

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