Online Shopping Tips for the Chinese New Year

There are a lot of reasons why many Singaporeans look forward to Chinese New Year – hearty dinners, reunions, foodies and shopping. You enjoy shopping especially days leading to Chinese New Year because of different deals and promos. It is good to have new things this New Year as a symbolism of good fortune in the coming days.

This year, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on January 28. You need to prepare many things before it arrives. It can be overwhelming that is why sometimes, many people forget about buying new things or shopping. The good news is that you do not need one day to buy everything. Even with just a little time, you can purchase many. Have you tried online shopping?

Many online stores are available these days. With just a touch of your fingers, you can purchase all the things you want in the world minus the queuing. You have to be careful though because it can be addicting. You do not want to start your New Year with an addiction or worse, with debt. To help you minimize it, here are some tips on online shopping:

1. Set your budget and shopping list. The first thing that you should do before actually clicking anything is to set your budget. This will be called your spending budget. This is to determine the ceiling or how much you can afford. It can help if you also make a shopping list so you can just stay focused on those items instead of buying anything that picks your interest.

2. Sign up for an online store’s mailing list. It was mentioned earlier that there are many online stores these days. These stores send mails to their clients for special discounts and flash deals. It is important that you sign up for that store’s mailing list. If you really like the store, sign up for their mailing list immediately.

3. Shop with a friend. If you have friends around or family members, it is better to shop together so you can save on shipping expenses. It may cost you if you buy a little and sometimes there are sites that demand “minimum purchase”.

4. Choose stores with an exchange or return policy: Online items or merchandise can be a disappointment sometimes and as a customer, you should have a right to return and exchange it for a better one. With this, you should make sure that that store you chose has this exchange or return policy. This is your way of being protected against any disappointment.

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