How to Prevent Pimples and Acne Breakouts

Today, you’ll notice a lot of teens and even adults who face acne problems. You may have had pimples and breakouts once in your life or you may still be experiencing it now. Though having pimples can be problematic, there are always ways to control or even get rid of them completely. Here are some things you can try.

1. Wash your face
One of the best ways to prevent pimples is to keep your face clean. To do that, you’ll obviously have to wash your face regularly. Wash your face after doing activities that cause you to sweat a lot or after you go to places that are dusty. It should also be a good idea to wash your face as you get home or before you go to bed. This is because when you sleep, you’re already shedding dead skin cells and if you don’t wash up the dirt that sticks to your face might eventually cause breakouts.

2. Moisturize
Having dry skin is one of the reasons we get pimples and breakouts. To keep your skin from becoming too dry, try applying moisturizer. For those with oily skin, choose moisturizers that are noncomedogenic. That means it is formulated to not close pores and trap oil and dirt inside your skin. Moisturize after washing your face but try to do it moderately.

3. Drink lots of water
Staying hydrated is also one of the best ways to prevent pimples. Skin cells, just like the other cells of the body are made of water. And because the skin is basically the largest organ of the body, you need to constantly supply it with a good amount of water. If you don’t, it will cause dry skin and make it more prone to inflammations which cause breakouts.

4. Use sunscreen or try to avoid exposure to the sun
The hot and humid climate in Singapore can also be a factor when it comes to acne. That is why you should try to limit your exposure to sunlight and heat as they can make your face more oily and may even damage the skin directly. If you do have to go outside, remind yourself to apply sunscreen.

5. Take it easy with the exfoliant
Exfoliating cream is a skin care product that is basically formulated to remove any dead cells on your skin. Though it is made to help you clean your skin and prevent pimples, applying too much or too often can do you more harm than good. This is because when you exfoliate too much, you might remove the skin’s natural oils. That will signal the skin to produce more oil which might clog and eventually cause pimples.