Highlights of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show  

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an internationally renowned electronics trade show. For this year, the show concluded on January 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though the show is not open to the public, many patrons are looking forward for previews and announcements of the newest products. The show is held every year.


As time goes by, gadgets are getting smarter and friendlier. The recently concluded show featured 3,600 exhibitors from cars to appliances, TVs, smartphones, drones, gaming, health care and many new technologies. The good thing about the extravaganza is it features innovation from different sectors. Of course in exhibits, there will always be winners and there are sleepers.

Many products debuted at CES and we have to thank them for that. For example, it was on CES ’81 that compact disc players were introduced. High Definition Television (HDTV) was in fact introduced on 1998, Android devices on 2010, smart appliances on 2011 and many more. For this year, what are the new things we should expect coming to the market? Here are some highlights of the 2016 CES:

  • Televisions: Televisions are booming and actually exploding right now with influx of different types from different companies. Consumers have tender part for TVs. The television exhibitions are led by tech giants like Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio. The contenders shifted to ultra-high definition or other high-definition formats.
  • Drones: Drones are slowly gaining popularity here in Singapore so there are many regulations that encompass and restrict its use. The manufacturers know that there is an increasing trend of unmanned vehicles so they joined CES and enhances their vehicles for whatever purposes the users intend it to be. According to experts, drones there were more sophisticated and friendlier – with easy controls and applications that even a child can understand. The manufacturers in fact claimed that it drones are fool proof and easy to use plus it can be operated using our smartphones which is a big plus.


  • Smart homes: Devices are made now so it can help us better and improve our lives even more. The trend now is equipping the house with controls that are accessible and easy to use. Expect that Google and Samsung’s Nest will be at the centre when it comes to smart homes from the thermostats to remote controls, bulbs and other devices or appliances in the house. It does not end there because Haier featured a moving refrigerator that resembled R2-D2. This will surely be a hit especially for “Star Wars” fanatics. There are more things to come.
  • Cars: CES also features cars which experts called the “core pillar” of the show. In the next years, we may see cars with lesser buttons and replaced by displays even possibility of gesture or speech recognition. That is something to look forward to. According to the organizers of the show – Consumer Technology Association, there were ten automakers that showcased their cars not to mention more than 100 automotive tech companies. This will change how we interact with vehicles leaving the technology to handle different aspects of driving. Who knows we will see cars in the near future without steering wheels. Now that is a sight to behold.
  • Virtual reality: CES also reserved a spot for virtual reality-related technologies. The three giants are battling for supremacy from Oculus to Sony and Valve in terms of headsets. Aside from the big three, there are other contenders that challenged them. The good thing is that we may soon find other applications of virtual reality aside from gaming.

Apple did not officially attend the CES which came as a surprise for others but despite their non-attendance, their presence was felt. For 2017, CES will be held on January 5 to 8. Many exhibitors from different companies are now planning for their products to be featured come 2017. It will still be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were about 176,000 people who attended the show and we will see what next year holds.

We will have to wait until the end of the year to determine which are successful and which flopped. One thing is for sure, next year, there will be more and many will be delighted of the new improvements and advancements. For more information, we can just check the website of CES.


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