Experience Fine Dining In Peranakan Way

If you want to experience fine dining in a Peranakan way, head to “The Blue Ginger” restaurant. The moment you enter the place, you’ll be welcomed with Nyonya– inspired ambiance decorated with traditional eye catching ornaments fused with modern artistic paintings all wrapped up in a brown-cream interiors.

The 13-year-old restaurant is known for their delectable cuisines that are greatly influenced by  peranakan-culture. Feast on their richly flavoured dishes like the Bakwan Kepting, a popular recipe of minced crabmeat and pork moulded into meatballs that goes together with pork broth and bamboo shoots. The meat is carefully cooked to achieve perfect texture and preserve the flavour.

The standard of being a true Peranakan diner is the presence of traditional Peranakan cuisines. Take a bite of The Blue Ginger’s version of Ngo Heong. Their own style of this mainstream Peranakan dish will certainly authenticate their legitimacy as a true blue Peranakan diner. The Ngo Heong is a traditional dish of deep fried prawns and pork rolls flavoured with five-spice powder. The rolls are served with sweet dark soya sauce to add more sophistication to its appetizing aroma and crunchy texture.

And to top it all off, treat yourself to an ultimate culinary experience, and savour the scrumptiousness of Blue Ginger’s Ayam Panggang. Ayam Panggang is the restaurant’s speciality dish that has received excellent reviews from both magazine writers and patrons. This dish is a marinated chicken thigh in coconut milk seasoned with exotic spices and grilled over for a succulent and tasty finish. It is indeed one of their sought after dishes that never fail to impress.

The Blue Ginger restaurant is primarily created to share the unique Peranakan culture to others by serving only the finest dishes that would bring the entire family together.

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