Defending Yourself from Beating

1200-x-1200-self-defenseThere was a woman who died outside a nightclub in America because she accidentally “photobombed” a group of friends. There was a group who was taking a picture when the woman accidentally walked in front of the camera. She was not forgiven. There was an argument first but it lead to a brawl. She was violently beaten until she was unconscious.

The brawling happened on January 18, 2014. She was sent to the hospital and put into life support. On January 21, 2014, her life support was taken. She did not survive the beating. In this case, you will see that people hurt other people for small things. Sometimes the damage is not serious but there are others that are severe. You should know how to defend yourself from beating to increase your chances of survival. The good news is that you can consider simple techniques to defend yourself before and throughout the attack.

Here are simple techniques that you can consider:

1.       Assume a defensive position

When you defend yourself, you should first put your hands in your face. You have to tighten your arms when you put it in your face. This is to protect your ribs and your face. When you stand, you should make sure that you position your feet in a wide base. This is to reduce the likelihood of being pushed. You also need to assess the assailant and if it is possible to run, you should run.

2.       Defend from the front


Before the attacker strikes, be the first to strike. You need to target the eyes and nose. Strike as hard as you can and when the attacker is down, run for help immediately. You can also grab or kick your attacker’s groin. You can also try kicking the kneecaps.

3.       Defend from the back

You have to be ready to defend yourself from the back. When the attacker grabs you behind and tries to choke you, you should do your best to get away from it. You need to put your one hand on the attacker’s forearm and the other hand below it. After you positioned your hands like that, you can step and then swing your whole body around.

Women's self defense

4.       Evading confrontation

If you can evade the confrontation or argument, you should do it. Your goal should be to avoid serious fight. You can also avoid situation that invite an attacker. For example, do not walk in dark alleys alone. If you have pepper spray or mace sprays, always bring it. You will not know when attackers strike.

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