Fascinating Destinations for Wildlife Fanatics

The world is filled with wonders. If you are someone who has a penchant for wildlife and all its glory, you are definitely a wildlife fanatic. Seeing and observing animals in their natural and unadulterated habitat are simply a marvellous sight. You cannot be just satisfied here in Singapore. There is a world out there. Go out and see it.

If you have to travel the world, do it. There are many remarkable wildlife destinations that you can consider. Here are some:

Galapagos Islands
Your first destination should be the ever-famous Galapagos Islands. Many wildlife fanatics enjoyed the island because of its intriguing wildlife creatures. There are many that inhabit the islands and the fact that it is where Charles Darwin came up with Theory of Evolution is something remarkable.

Not all people know about Namibia and for those who know it, are afraid to go there. You have to know that Namibia is the first country to include wildlife protection in its constitution. Here, you will see endangered species like cheetah and black rhino. The country has at least twenty national parks and the numbers have grown since. You will see other animals too like lions, elephants, zebra and springboks.

The Amazon Rainforest
Your wildlife experience will never be complete without going to Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon is in fact home to more than thirty per cent of the world’s wildlife. You have to visit this place at least once in your life. It is home to otters, macaws, pink dolphins, anacondas, frogs, jaguars, anteaters and many more.

Antarctica and the North Pole
If you want to witness the icy wilderness, you have to go to Antarctica. However, some habitats are destroyed because of the melting of the ice. That is truly a heartbreaker. Antarctica and The North Pole is home to many animals like seals, penguins, albatross, whale, reindeers, owls, polar bears, walruses and foxes.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone is also a good place to get started because it has the largest concentration of wildlife animals in all of the United States. There you will see wolves, grizzly bears, bison, badgers, moose, bighorn sheep, deer and otters among others.

What are you waiting for? Start planning and packing. Remember that climate change is taking a toll on wildlife. It means that sooner their habitats will be naught. Observe while you still can at the same time help to protect it. That is the least thing that you can do.

19 Sep 2017

Best Asian Destinations for Solo Travellers  

Asia is one of the most wonderful places in the world for solo travellers. If you want prime service and luxurious experience, head to some of Asia’s world-renowned resorts and spas. Want isolation? Escape to the little known hideaways on secluded beaches and tropical isles.  Make new friends? Asia is the most crowded and visited region on earth. If you want to reflect and just experience the God-given beauty of the world all by yourself, here are the best Asian places to visit.


  1. Singapore

Don’t let the city-state’s small size fool you. Singapore is loaded with sightseeing opportunities, events and festivals, incredible food, and shopping malls. This place sure is traveller-friendly for its efficient public transport, clear and easy-to-understand signages, and the fact that almost everyone speaks English. Solo travellers can also roam around the city with peace of mind as Singapore is among the safest countries in the world.

  1. Japan

The “Land of the Rising Sun” is home to diverse nature and immensely rich culture. Tokyo, the capital city of the Japan, boasts a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements. Among the many activities you can do is to check out techno museums, sample sushi Tsukiji Fish Market, or play with our furry friends in cat cafes. After which, you can soak in Japan’s cultural offerings in the tranquil and low-profile Kyoto. Stepping into the temples of Kiyomizu-Dera and Golden Pavilion will give you a clearer look of Japan’s earlier years.


  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is one affordable Asian destination with so many beauties to discover and explore. Start your solo journey in the country from Kuala Lumpur to be welcomed with shopping malls and skyscrapers, and experience the authenticity of Malay cuisine at Penang—the food capital of Malaysia. Malaysian Borneo also promises great adventures amidst breathtaking landscapes filled with wildlife and greenery.

  1. Thailand

This Southeast Asian travel hub is also jam-packed with glorious sights, tranquil beaches, and fabulous shopping spots. Solo travellers are sure to enjoy the rich and diverse offering well within the budget when in Thailand. For historic encounter, Ayyuthaya and Chiang Mai offer an abundance of ancient temples and ruins and cultural and historical sites. For those dreaming for a dip in the crystal waters of Thailand, the white sand beaches of the Andaman Sea Islands are hot destinations.

These Asian countries are sure to make you plan more solo travels, and may even compel another solo visit. Take a pick from these destinations and be prepared to fall in love with everything that’s Asia.


07 Jun 2015

3 Positive Cruise Travelling Tips  

Everybody wants to travel. It is such a luxury to be able to experience a different place; the people, the culture – a whole new world to express you. It may not be a permanent thing but that is the beauty of it. Because it is limited, you’d want to make the most out of it. Incredible sights and breathtaking experience is not the only essence of travelling.

Traveling by a cruise ship is traveling with the intense taste of luxury. By plane you get the necessity of arriving at your destination in the fastest way possible. By car you get the enjoyment that you would enjoy the journey. With Cruise, you get to enjoy the luxury, the necessity and the journey. Therefore, cruising may be quite costly but there will always be a discount for that. Just be patient. Here are tips to have a great cruise experience:Have-Fun-on-Cruise-Ships-despite-Disability-with-These-Valuable-Tips

  1. Plan your destination. There are so many places one would wish to go to with so little time. On that note you would have to choose on whether you wish to travel to a part of the world.
  2. Asses your budget. As much as possible go through as many reviews of your destinations as much as you can. Give yourself time to wait and book a cheap cruise.
  3. Keep your eye on the prize. Travel is full of drawbacks. One wrong move and your vacation could be ruined. Thus, it is best to have your mind focused on what really matters most, your journey.


21 Aug 2014

Fun and Adventure in Singapore

Planning a trip to Singapore or a first-time tourist? Having a hard time to think on what to do during your trip in Singapore could be very frustrating. Here are few things to do while on Singapore. Spice up yourself a little and taste Singapore-style seafood- Chili Crab, Butter Prawns and Black Pepper Crayfish for a very unforgettable meal.


Where to Stay

If you still don’t have a place to stay, check out for hotels; from Chinatown’s vintage designs hotels to hip Gallery hotels with its post-modern decors. Have your body relaxed at Spa Botanica, one of Asia’s biggest outdoor spas. Pamper yourself and enjoy every detail of massage as you see Singapore’s view of nature.

Going Artistic

If you are an artistic person or just want to explore on art, go to Ming Village and create your own Chinese masterpieces. Before going to bed, enjoy a cup of tea with your friend or loved one at Orchid Country Club or Jurong Country Club as you watch Singapore’s beautiful night sky.

Adventure Time

Take yourself into an adventure on your second day and have an unforgettable wild ride on the amphibious half-truck, half-boat craft on Ducktour. Do not forget to take a picture of Raffles Hotel’s doorman; it is one of most photographed personality in Singapore.


Palate Treat

Add more adventure to your food and stop over at the Imperial Herbal kitchen and have a taste of exotic dishes such as deep fried ants and scorpions. Make sure you are brave enough. Meet new friends and show your dance moves at Mohamed Sultan Road. Party till you drop.

Go Shopping!

Indulge yourself on shopping spree at orchard Road where you could find best retail shops, from designer’s brands, gadgets and accessories. Prices are very competitive and you would have a chance to bargain for it. I know you are very excited now as you plan your Singapore trip. These are just few tips of places and food to enjoy. Make your Singapore trip a memorable one- full of fun and adventure!

03 Jan 2014