Habits Women in Their 20’s Should Develop  

People say that your twenties is the time to discover and to know yourself more. This is very true. Moreover, reaching your twenties entails a whole lot of responsibilities and experiences just waiting to happen. Your twenties should be a time for self-discovery, but also the time for self-improvement.


Read on to know some habits women in their twenties should start to develop to get ahead in life.

Be in the loop

Make it a habit to read up on the current events around the world. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to stay updated because we can just look for it on the Internet and literally find everything there. Knowledge is power. You’ll never know where all these information may be of use to you.

Eat breakfast


When we have a hearty breakfast, it is an instant mood booster. Eating breakfast will give you energy to fully function and accomplish the work you have to do. Now that you are all grown up, you need the fuel to be able to carry out your daily tasks. When you regularly skip breakfast, you will feel tired, sluggish and grumpy.

Take good care of your skin

Although you are past puberty, you can still get acne or other skin problems. Therefore it is important to have a foolproof beauty regimen so that your skin will remain healthy and glowing. Use products that are right for your skin and remember to wash up before going to bed at night. Your skin will thank you later.


18 Nov 2014

Professions Addicted to Coffee  

If you cannot live without coffee, you are definitely a coffee addict. Coffees are excellent source of anti-oxidants which are good for the body. Some people think that coffees are helpful while there are others who think that it is destructive (since you will get addicted). You have to know that you are not alone (being a coffee addict).


Truth is more people are getting addicted to coffee every day. If they cannot drink one in a day, they will get grumpy or cranky. Coffees are part of the life of working professionals. You should know that Pressat, a United Kingdom press release company sponsored a study early in September 2014 to determine the group of professionals who are drinking coffee the most. The study surveyed about 10,000 workers in different fields.

Here’s the list of professionals who are drinking coffee the most:

  • Journalists: Journalists and media-related people are the biggest consumers of coffee. Journalists declared that their industry is fast-paced which requires you to be attentive. Coffee will help with being attentive.


  • Police Officers. Next to media practitioners, police officers are the next biggest consumers of coffee. Crimes are ever-present so they need to be alert and vigilant. Coffee is a big help.
  • Teachers. Teachers usually stay late at night making their lesson plans or checking papers. They also need to wake up early and go to school. The best friend of teachers during late nights of work is coffee. None else.
  • Plumbers and Trade Workers. Plumbers and trade workers are the fourth biggest group who consume coffee.
  • Nurses and Medical Staffs. There is no doubt that nurses and medical staffs need to be focused for the sake of their patients. Coffee is also a big help to them especially if it is very late and you have to stay all night to care for the patients.
  • Company Executives. If you are the company executive, there are many tasks asked from you. To cope up, you drink coffee to help you stay awake. You also need to go to the office early and take care of the business. Coffee can facilitate that.

Additionally, Pressat revealed that almost 70% of the 10000 workers surveyed admitted that their productivity or working ability would be affected if they do not drink at least a mug of coffee every day. There is nothing wrong if your life revolve around coffee but you have to keep it low because too much is not healthy.

Here in Singapore, you need coffee to keep up. Many Singaporeans would agree to this regardless of their industry or field.


02 Nov 2014