Unsurpassed Bonding Ideas for your Friends

1. Sleepovers– This is one of the cheapest and most popular (especially for girls) bonding idea for your friends. You can just invite them to your house and spend the night together. You just need to prepare great movies to watch, a lot of snacks and a whole bunch of stories to talk to after. Some boys prefer to spend their night drinking with other men or just playing video games, or so whatever they want to do as long as they are having fun.

2. Food-tripping– This is not a hassle to do or to think of. You can do this without even setting a day for it. Let’s say after your work or school and you just want to chill down a little bit, you call your friends and all together you can actually go to different restaurants or to those mini food carts to try different kind of food. It will be fun if all of you love to eat and surely have the taste buds for food adventure.


3. Swimming-You can set a day for all of you to go to a resort and take a swim together. There are also a lot of water activities that all of you can enjoy together. And don’t forget the chill-out night with all the creepy and funny stories to talk to.

4. Road trip– You just need a lot of fuel to go anywhere with your friends. This really sounds so much fun. Just spending the day with your friends enjoying the breeze of the air and the laughter’s while travelling to an unknown place will definitely makes things so terrific.stk150071rke

10 Aug 2014