Advantages of Choosing Epi-LASIK Eye Surgery

Epi-LASIK is a safe and more advanced laser surgery procedure that was developed to solve potential eye problems brought by the other types of eye correction surgery, such as LASIK, LASEK and PRK. To some degree, it’s like a cross between LASIK and LASEK procedure, but differs in some key areas. To give you a better understanding just as to how good Epi-LASIK is, here is a list of its advantages from the other laser eye surgeries.

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1. Combines the best types of laser eye surgeries. Epi-LASIK became popular as a vision correction procedure, especially in Singapore, because it improves the results provided by the other laser eye surgeries. The procedure simply preserves the structural integrity of our cornea and avoids cutting away a good amount of corneal tissues, and thus reducing the chances of getting cornea ectasia – a permanent thinning of the cornea that could damage our vision.

2. Perfect for those with thin cornea. Corneal flap creases or dislodgement is among one of the known side effects of the conventional LASIK and IntraLase LASIK procedure, and the best procedure to treat this condition is Epi-LASIK. Patients with thin corneas are even highly advised to undergo Epi-LASIK procedure instead of LASIK surgery. Aside from that, the procedure is also suggested for those with high myopia since Epi-LASIK Singapore can provide correction that’s closer to the surface, reducing and preventing any possible damages from happening.

3. Less likely to cause dry eyes. By cutting through a cornea flap, LASIK treatment cuts the cornea nerves, which could later on lead to dry eyes. So if you happen to not have eye problems or complications related with dry eyes, then we suggest that you don’t create one by undergoing Epi-LASIK treatment instead. This advanced lasik done in Singapore procedure will not cut through your cornea flap, which reduces your chances of experiencing and getting dry eyes.


4. Better choice for a long-term treatment. Another advantage of undergoing Epi-LASIK is that it’s proven to provide not just long-term eye care but a better eye treatment as well. Compared to other LASIK procedures, Epi-LASIK doesn’t also limit the patients from undergoing other advanced treatments for certain eye conditions like presbyopia. Because the Singapore procedure doesn’t create any flap, there’s also no permanent damage done to the eye tissue, allowing the eyes to heal normally and return to its natural and original state before undergoing the laser surgery. This just means that no other complications would arise should the patient wish to undergo another eye treatment after Epi-LASIK procedure.

5. Best vision correction method for active people. Of all the eye correction surgeries offered by eye doctors and clinics in Singapore, Epi-LASIK is the most favored vision correction procedure for active individuals, such as pilots, sportsmen, and even those in the military. This is probably because Epi-LASIK doesn’t leave any eye irregularities after the surgery, meaning that even if your eye sustains an impact it will not be easily injured – as the eye is given the full opportunity to heal after the treatment. In addition, this treatment also promises to provide better results when paired with another vision correction procedure called the Wavefront Laser Correction – though this procedure should be compromised if you happen to have a corneal flap.

With this set of advantages, Epi-LASIK has slowly turned into a promising laser eye treatment that can correct various vision problems, leaving out little post-operation complications. Though it might require a longer recovery time – which is three to five days – compared to LASIK, Epi-LASIK still outweighs it and even provides a long term eye treatment and care, as well as a better post-operative vision.


09 Oct 2014