How to Prevent Pimples and Acne Breakouts

Today, you’ll notice a lot of teens and even adults who face acne problems. You may have had pimples and breakouts once in your life or you may still be experiencing it now. Though having pimples can be problematic, there are always ways to control or even get rid of them completely. Here are some things you can try.

1. Wash your face
One of the best ways to prevent pimples is to keep your face clean. To do that, you’ll obviously have to wash your face regularly. Wash your face after doing activities that cause you to sweat a lot or after you go to places that are dusty. It should also be a good idea to wash your face as you get home or before you go to bed. This is because when you sleep, you’re already shedding dead skin cells and if you don’t wash up the dirt that sticks to your face might eventually cause breakouts.

2. Moisturize
Having dry skin is one of the reasons we get pimples and breakouts. To keep your skin from becoming too dry, try applying moisturizer. For those with oily skin, choose moisturizers that are noncomedogenic. That means it is formulated to not close pores and trap oil and dirt inside your skin. Moisturize after washing your face but try to do it moderately.

3. Drink lots of water
Staying hydrated is also one of the best ways to prevent pimples. Skin cells, just like the other cells of the body are made of water. And because the skin is basically the largest organ of the body, you need to constantly supply it with a good amount of water. If you don’t, it will cause dry skin and make it more prone to inflammations which cause breakouts.

4. Use sunscreen or try to avoid exposure to the sun
The hot and humid climate in Singapore can also be a factor when it comes to acne. That is why you should try to limit your exposure to sunlight and heat as they can make your face more oily and may even damage the skin directly. If you do have to go outside, remind yourself to apply sunscreen.

5. Take it easy with the exfoliant
Exfoliating cream is a skin care product that is basically formulated to remove any dead cells on your skin. Though it is made to help you clean your skin and prevent pimples, applying too much or too often can do you more harm than good. This is because when you exfoliate too much, you might remove the skin’s natural oils. That will signal the skin to produce more oil which might clog and eventually cause pimples.

02 Jul 2019

5 Tips for a Great Skin Care Routine for Guys

Skincare for men is, and should be, straightforward and easy, with no need for any complicated five-step peels or one layer of facial cream after another. With the help of natural, high-quality products and a proper routine, your facial and body skin will thank you when you look in the mirror to see a better complexioned you.

1. Know your skin type.

There are at least four skin types: normal, dry, oily, and a combination of either of the three. Normal (eudermic) skin is characterized by being overall well-balanced, neither dry nor oily; dry skin lacks the necessary lipids to lock moisture in; and oily skin is a skin type that produces too much sebum.

While the skin type that you have is determined bygenetics (you can’t help if you have naturally dry or oily skin, or perhapseven both), knowing what skin type you have will help you make the right choiceon what facial products you should use.

2. Cleanse regularly.

A splash of cold water after waking up and before going to sleep does more than simply making you feel refreshed every day.

Regular cleansing washes away dead skin cells that make your face appear duller than what it can or should be, and some glycolic acid to go along with that regular facial wash can work wonders for your skin.

3. Use moisturizer.

Using moisturizer should be an automatic steppost-cleanse, as this helps seal in moisture (excellent for dry skin thatdesperately needs it). For those with skin that’s oily or prone to breakouts,using specific water-based moisturizers may be a better alternative to yourstandard oil-based ones.

4. Stay hydrated.

Skin care doesn’t just end on the outside – it also comes from the inside, which is what drinking six to eight glasses of water a day can do for your skin. Minimizing your alcohol and coffee intake can help you as well, as these substances tend to take out water from your skin and leave you more dehydrated.

5. Get proper sleep.

Skimping out on the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep can have some negative effects on your body both in the short and long term. However, these effects are also visible on your skin – not only will you have more wrinkles and more pronounced eye bags, but your skin will also be more prone to breakouts and fine lines.

This is the result of your body using up its internal energy storage in order to keep functioning during its waking moments, which can only be alleviated with a consistent sleep schedule instead of sleeping in for the whole weekend.  

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

17 Dec 2018

How to Know What Type of Skin You Have in 4 Simple Steps

Every person’s skin is unique, but there are a common characteristics that allow you to know what skin type yours falls under. There are a lot of factors that can influence and change it over time, and there’s a good chance that your skin type won’t fall into one category.

Knowing the texture of your skin can tell you a lot about its nature. Taking the time to determine exactly what skin type you have will let you know exactly what your skin needs to keep you looking your best every day.

The Different Skin Types
There are at least four different skin types that exist: normal, dry, oily, and combination. While the first skin type is balanced in terms of moisture, dry skin loses moisture too quickly and appears flaky. Oily skin appears glossy on account of the excess oils and sebum being produced, and the last skin type is a combination of both dry and oily.

How to Know Your Skin Type
In order to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, it’s important to know what skin type you have before investing in the right skincare products.

It’s actually quite easy to figure out what skin type you have. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Prepare your skin .Remove any make-up and washing your face with warm water and a small amount of gentle face cleanser applied to your face. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean face towel or washcloth. Do not apply any products on your face for an hour after cleaning.

2. Once an hour has passed, dab your T-zone (the region of your face that includes your forehead and your nose) with a tissue to see if any oil has rubbed off on it. If you see oil, then you either have oily or a combination-type skin.

3. Notice how your skin feels. Dry skin will feel often feel taut after cleansing, while oily skin will feel cleaner after washing. If you feel neither of these things after washing, your skin is normal.

4. Take a close look at your facial skin in the mirror. You will most likely have dry or sensitive skin if you notice any red or flaky patches all over your face, and oily skin is often characterized by having a shiny face.

If you’re still having trouble figuring out what skin type you have, the best way to go about doing this is by consulting a dermatologist to provide you with the answers you need. They can also prescribe the necessary over-the-counter medications and do certain procedures to treat your skin.

27 Sep 2018

6 Essential Ingredients to Look When Shopping for Skincare Products

When it comes to beauty care, we are awash in a sea of products, ingredients and must-have items. The world of beauty is overwhelming for the array of choices it offers. But of course, you can make it easier the next time you go shopping for your skincare products. Here, we’ve pinned down six essential ingredients that a good skincare product must have. Now, you can shop confidently and ensure that you’ll get the best results from your skincare routine.

1. Collagen
Collagen is known to help with the skin’s suppleness and is naturally produced by the body. However, as we age, the body does no longer produce as much collagen as we were younger, leading to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. By using products with collagen in it, you’re helping your skin repair itself and maintain your natural and youthful glow.

2. SPF
This can’t be stressed enough. Sun protection is non-negotiable. You should be wearing at least SPF30 on a daily basis. Also, along with the SPF number, check the zinc content. Micronized zinc is very effective at reflecting light, significantly minimizing burns from prolonged sun exposure.

3. Vitamin C
It is not only meant for boosting your immune system and keeping illnesses at bay, it’s also an effective anti-aging property. Aside from being an effective anti-oxidant that keeps the skin looking fresh and bright, it also activates the cells responsible for collagen production.

4. Kojic Acid
Aiming for a brighter skin? Look for beauty products with kojic acid in it. All thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, it helps with lightening sun spots and pimple marks and keeps your skin hydrated for that youthful glow.

5. Hyaluronic Acid
This is naturally a water binding agent. How does this benefit your skin? By using products with hyaluronic acid, your skin captures and locks in the moisture, pretty much preventing it from leaving. This moisture-locking property will give you that supple and plumper skin.

6. Milk Peptide Complex
This ingredient helps undo signs of aging by reducing depths of fine lines, promoting smoothness and firmness of the skin, as well as improving its elasticity. If you start to notice fine lines on the face, look for this ingredient the next time you shop for your night creams and essences.

Many of the ingredients above can be found in hypoallergenic and dermatology-tested products. Add these products to your regimen for brighter and youthful skin. With regular use, you’ll see a big difference in no time.

28 Aug 2018

Hairstyles of Clothing Designers  

Singaporeans love stylish looks. There are many looks worth having and sometimes, it needs good hairstyling to do the trick. What hairstyles must we wear? Well, in the latest spring runways, we saw different hairstyles – some are worth carrying, some are not.


Whatever we choose, any hairstyle would still look good on us. Here are some hairstyles that we can consider:

  • Boho waves: Many Singaporeans would go for Boho. Boho is famous because of its pastels and waves. The Boho style also speaks of a free-spirited individual which is an authentic Bohemian trait. Other clothing designers like Tory Burch, Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Anna Sui, Valentino, Chloe and many more are inspired of this look.
  • Long tails: If we want to flaunt our hairs, considering pony tail is good. Many clothing designers have considered this look like Giles, J Mendel, Gucci, Guy Laroche, Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren and many more.
  • Braids and twists: Now this is the kind of hairstyle that can be very mind boggling. The braids and twists can be difficult but there is definitely something for every skill level. This somehow messy look is considered by clothing designers like Peter Som, Michael Kors, Suno, Tome, Vera Wang, Jeremy Scott, Giorgio Armani and many more.
  • Big buns: Big buns are classic and full. It can be done messy or neatly. No matter what, it is still considered in the runway. For clothing designers like Erin Fetherston, Carolina Herrera and Edun, they love the buns.


  • Out of the water: This look is very attractive especially in the runway. Depending on the degree of wetness, it will definitely highlight our slick and shiny hair. Everyone loves their look after a shower, right? Clothing designers like Proenza Schouler, Calvin Klein, Marni, Alexander Wang, Thakoon, Balmain and Zac Posen also love them too.
  • Bombshell blowouts: There are ladies who prefer that big and bouncy curls. This is the bombshell blowout looks and famous designers like Matthew Williamson, Jenny Packam and Naeem Khan use it.
  • Mixed materials: There is one hairstyle that can give us the freedom to showcase our being playful and creative. The mixed materials hairstyle will allow us to ornate and play with accessories which can turn an ordinary bun or ponytail into a work of art. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, Reed Krakoff, Lanvin, Tibi, Ohne Titel, Bottega Veneta and many more consider this kind of hairstyle.

Now that we know what the famous hairstyles are, it is time that we try it. Some are easy, some are not but regardless, it is surely worth the effort.


05 Sep 2015

Beauty Purchases that Can Change Your Life  

Beauty is subjective but there are people who have general notion of what beauty is. Singaporeans today purchase items that can help them with their looks. There is nothing wrong with that. Purchasing beauty products is not being vain – we just want to look good.


The beauty industry is vast and looking for the perfect item is challenging. We do not need to go through all that. Here are some purchases that we need to make that can change our lives:

  • Beauty Blender: This looks like a tear drop sponge. Not all women have seen this but once we know how it works, we will definitely seek for one right away. This tear drop sponge has the power to blot away excess make up. This can help us with easy makeup application thereby giving us a natural look.
  • Lush Dark Angels Cleanser: Not all cleaners are the same. There are those that stand out like this Dark Angels Cleanser. It boasts of three properties – it can remove impurities, exfoliate and moisturize. We could not ask for more.


  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: If we have problems choosing the right eye shades, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette can help us. It offers shimmering and matte shades for all events. It does not end there, because it smells like chocolate. Who can resist that?
  • MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Lipstick: Lipsticks can make a difference. With the right shade and application, we can be a beauty even without concealers and eye shadows. MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo lipstick particularly stands out because of its flattering red tone. The lipstick works on all skin tones.

These should be enough to keep us going and beautiful.


02 Sep 2015