Blunders That Can Damage Your Career  

Even as professionals, you make mistakes. Sometimes the blunders can be repaired easily but there are times that the blunders are irreversible that it can ruin both your career and personal life. It is important to know these blunders so you can avoid it before it happens.


Here are some blunders that you should avoid if you want a flourishing career and fruitful personal life:

  • Do not lose control of your emotions. Screaming out of rage or behaving badly because of fury is not acceptable. Yes, you will lose your emotions at some point but you have to be professional about it. Do not scream to broadcast it to the office. While it helps to be honest and transparent, do not act impulsively and rashly.
  • Do not lie – ever. Everyone surely lies. Whether it is done to protect other people or to protect yourself from consequences, lying is still destructive. It is exhausting and it can limit you to reach your full potential.


  • Quit complaining. It is easy to complain and whine about the compensation and the load of work but you never think of the consequences. If you broadcast to everyone that you detest your job, you will probably end without it.

If you cannot control these things, you will surely regret everything at the end of the day. Sure, you can lose control or lie and even complain but you must think that you only get one or two chances here in Singapore.

If in this case your job is causing you to feel and think miserable, look for other jobs but leave a good impression. If you leave a good impression, looking for a job here in Singapore will be easy.


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