Best Android Apps of 2013

Android has become the most popular mobile phone operating system. With so many smartphone brands supported by Android, the number of applications made to be compatible with it has also seen a large increase. Today, there are more than 700,000 application available in the market, and finding the best ones for your unit can be a bit daunting.

To help you choose the best apps, here are five of the highest-rated Android applications. Go check them out:

Avast! Mobile Security – This free app is a jam-packed of security features, like remote lock and wipe, safe Web browsing, app management, battery manager, and many more. It’s also incredibly light for your phones memory, so you don’t have to worry about the space it eats up.

Auto Memory Manager – When your handset feels a little sluggish, it doesn’t mean you need an upgrade right away. An easier solution is simply to manage your phone’s memory. AMM lets you set your memory manager settings – removing the need for task killers – to improve the performance of your phone.

History Eraser Pro – This app makes it easier to delete junks off the phone. It lets you manage all sorts of data, from browser history to text messages to cached files, and wipes them all out in one shot.

JuiceDefender – One downside of Android units is that it has a shorter battery life. JuiceDefender is a utility app that helps you conserve your battery by disabling draining programs and applications that you’re not really using.

Speed Test – Do you have a slow upload and download rate? If it’s a network problem, Speed Test will check it out for you. This app will let you test internet connectivity in less than a minute, displaying results of upload and download speed, connection consistency and other detailed information about your network connection.

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