Bbq Catering: Food for Guests with Allergies

Food allergy is known to affect many individuals in Singapore. If someone eats something that could trigger the allergy, they can become seriously ill and, in severe cases, could die.


However, food intolerances are more common than food allergies. Though it’s not as serious as allergies, this can still make a person feel ill and uncomfortable if they intake food that they have an intolerance to. Therefore, to ensure safety, make an effort to find out your guests needs and plan according to everybody’s wellness.

Catering for Guests with Allergies

When planning for your bbq catering menu, it is important to consider any food intolerances or allergies your guests may have. Due to the versatility of satay, otah, and other barbecue items, you can always plan something for your guests with food allergies.

The important thing is to find out what food your guests is allergic to well in advance, so you can inform your bbq wholesale and catering company before they create a menu and shop for barbecue supplies. If this isn’t possible because of, perhaps, you’re not sure who will be coming or you’re just assigned to organize a large corporate gathering, provide a number of options that are suitable for most allergy types.

If serving ready-made items like bread and pastries, ask your my bbq wholesale place from Singapore to see the ingredients label yourself. By this, you will be sure that there are no unexpected ingredients that you never thought would be included to a product, such as milk powder in some brands of crisps. Also, when sauces and dressings are necessary, serve it in a separate bowl so people can have more control on how much they will take.


Most Common Allergies and How to Deal With Them

• Gluten and Wheat
Some individuals in Singapore are allergic to both gluten and wheat, while there are also some just one or the other. One product that is usually included in a bbq menu that contains gluten and/or wheat is the bread. To ensure gluten and wheat won’t be included in your menu, find out the brand of breads used by your bbq catering provider and check the label for these ingredients. Ask if they can provide gluten-free or wheat-free bread to cater guests with food allergies. Another option is to serve separately the breads from the meats, salads, and other barbecues items. This will help avoid any possibilities of cross contaminations.

• Dairy
Individuals who are allergic to dairy cannot eat any products containing milk. For people allergic to cow’s milk can still have other types of milk, like goats’ milk; but if you’re unsure, it’s best to totally avoid milk and products that has milk in it. Common dairy products that are not good for lactose intolerant are cream, yogurt, and cheese. For recipes with cream and cheese, look for alternatives that would still give the same ideal taste.

• Peanuts
Peanuts are used by many Singapore bbq catering providers for breads, desserts, and dressings. Even if a recipe doesn’t have nuts in them but the area or utensils used was where once used to chop or handle nuts, this can be enough to trigger a person’s allergy. Always remember to keep serving utensils clean before handling food and read labels of ready-made products carefully.

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