Asian Desserts  

Asian countries are known to be the best culinary destinations in the world because of the unique combination of flavors of food found in them. Savory dishes are the specialty of Asian cuisine. However, Asians also have the right amount of ingenuity and imagination when it comes to desserts. Here are some Asian desserts that would get you craving for some sweetness.


Red bean soup

Soup is often enjoyed as part of the main course itself. However, red bean soup, due to its sweetness, is regarded as a dessert in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea.



These Japanese desserts are made with rice and will often look colorful. You can also say that these are the Japanese version of ice cream, as they are always served cold.


Khanon Chan

This is a Thai version of jello. It is often made with rice flour together with traditional ingredients such as coconut and pandan leaves.


Fried Sesame Balls

Also called bochi, these squishy balls are popular Chinese desserts. They are often filled with red bean or mung bean and then deep fried to chewy perfection.


Ube Halaya

This Filipino dessert is made out of ube or purple yam together with coconut milk and evaporated milk.


Pineapple Cakes

Not a lot of Asian desserts are butter-based save for this one. This is just as simple butter crust with a sweet pineapple filling. Yet they are very popular in China and are often sold in many grocery stores.


Black Sesame Soup

Not too much is known about East Asian cuisine. But this simple dish is as good as it gets in East Asia. It’s as simple as mixing water, black sesame, sugar, and rice to form this sticky yet delicious dish.

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