7 Things You Can Do to Be Happier  

According to this year’s World Happiness Report, Singapore is the world’s 24th happiest country based on factors like life expectancy, social support and generosity of people. If you ask the people though, most of us would probably say there’s still plenty of room for more happiness. Here’s seven ways to have that.


  1. Maintain good health. Multiple studies have found a strong relationship between people’s level of happiness and their state of health. Simply put: the healthier you are, the happier you are also. So if you want to brighten up your life follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and take adequate rest.


  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Our culture promotes a very goal-oriented philosophy, which consequently makes many of us work ourselves to exhaustion. Well, bad idea. Overexerting ourselves and punishing ourselves when we don’t reach our goals almost always leads to bad health and feeling miserable.


  1. Join a group. Being a member of a group who shares your passions and interests will reduce feelings of anxiety and melancholy. So find an activity that you can do with other people, whether it’s regularly working out at the gym, discussing literary works with a book club, or contributing to a good cause in society.happier-at-work


  1. Practice gratefulness. All too often, we take for granted the things that are readily available to us, failing to see how much comfort it brings to our lives. To illustrate, just consider that the nearly-costless clean water coming from your tap is unavailable to 783 million people around the world.


  1. Learn to let things go. In the total scheme of things, so much of what “composes” our lives don’t’ really matter. This isn’t to say that you should have a care, but only that you should temper your emotions and reactions based on the real importance of each thing.


  1. Find solutions not problems. Do you know people who just can’t seem to run out of things to complain about? Terrible company, aren’t they? If you want to be happier, focus on solutions not problems. Treat setbacks as opportunities for learning and change rather than something permanent that you’re helpless against.


  1. Commit to happiness. Many people say they want to be happy, but do nothing to actually attain it. The thing is, happiness isn’t some random thing that just falls on anyone. To be happy, you have to consciously will yourself to be so and to cultivate positive emotions.


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