6 Nail Care Sins You Should Avoid

Fingernails play an important role on the first impression you make on others. Unhealthy or ill-maintained nails speak volumes even before you open your mouth. Fortunately, caring for your nails isn’t that difficult. All you need is some knowledge on how to care for your nails, as well as an idea on what nail sins to avoid to achieve beautiful and healthy nails.


  1. Filing Your Nails in Opposite Directions

Sawing your nails back and forth weakens the edge of your nail and worsens nail peeling. So instead of filing your nails in opposite directions, file it in one direction only. It’ll take time, but your nails will be stronger in return. While you’re at it, toss your metal nail file away, and opt for a flexible emery board or a glass file.

  1. Peeling Your Gel Polish

Another nail care sin to avoid is peeling off your gel manicure. Gel polish adheres well to the natural nail that peeling it off almost always strips off a layer of your nail. This leaves your nail weaker, thinner, and nearly ruined. Instead of peeling your gel manicure on your own, visit a salon in your area in Singapore to have the gel polish properly removed.

  1. Removing Your Cuticles

Cuticles work by protecting the base of our nail from bacteria, and removing these cuticles puts us at risk for developing nail infection. To properly groom your cuticles, use an orange stick to clean them up, and keep them moisturized.


  1. Using Harsh Cleaning Products Without Wearing Gloves

Most conventional cleaning products contain harsh disinfecting chemicals like bleach and alcohol. While these chemicals are needed to clean your toilet bowl, don’t let them get near your hands as they will dry out your nails and ruin your polish. To keep your nails protected, make it a habit to wear gloves even when you’re using gentler cleaning products.

  1. Picking at Your Nail Polish

Like peeling your gel manicure, picking at your nail polish can also be damaging to your nails. Not only does picking at your nail polish make it look unsightly, it’ll also tear off some parts of your nail leaving you with damaged and uneven surface.

  1. Forgetting to Wear Base Coat with a Dark Polish

Most of us probably experienced feeling frustrated over having pink-stained nails after removing a dark red nail polish. If so, then you probably neglected applying some base coat under your nail polish. To avoid experiencing this problem, always wear a base coat when you’re wearing dark shades of nail polish.

Taking care of your nails isn’t that difficult – it’s fun, even. Just make sure that you keep the aforementioned nail care sins in mind to get the healthy and beautiful nails you’ve always wanted.


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