5 of the Best Survival Mobile Games in 2018

Survival games aren’t new in the gaming industry. With the genre bringing thrill and excitement to its players, it’s not a surprise to know there’s a blooming fanbase in Singapore. This type of game has a general gameplay: you are to land somewhere, make use of the available tools around (such as guns), and fight other players to death. Your only goal is to survive.

These survival games aren’t exclusively played on a computer, too. Even just with your smartphone, you can enjoy the best survival experiences on your handheld device through downloading these games:

1. Rules of Survival
This game is arguably one of the leading survival games when it comes to graphics and gameplay. It is similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), a Battle Royale themed game that has been well-received by the PC community. The major difference is – you can play Rules of Survival on your smartphone. It allows solo, duo, and team games. A virtual thumb stick is used for smooth movement, but practice is still key.

2. Black Survival
Think of Black Survival as your typical survival game with an added twist: it has a visual-novel style gameplay. You will have to travel around static environments until the moment you come across another player – which is contrary to other survival games where you have the freedom to shoot around given you have a weapon. Your quick reflexes and better stats will render you victorious in this game.

3. Grand Battle Royale
Named after the 2000 survival-themed Japanese cult classic film, Grand Battle Royale mixes up the classic battleground set-up with Minecraft-style visuals. This adds another edge to the game, making it stand out from the rest. You simply spawn from one island to another – and once you hear the buzzer, the carnage begins. It’s a mad dash for nearby weapons once you begin to converge on the center.

4. Free fire – battleground
With high-end graphics, Free fire is considerably too beautiful for your typical mobile game. This easily makes the game the most visually pleasing title in this article. It boasts of a smooth and clean gameplay, and it also adheres to the general playbook of survival games (with the inclusion of teamplay and vehicles). The map may be too wide for the initial small player count – but just wait until the safe zone shrinks sufficiently!

5. Last Battleground: Survival
This game has a similar gameplay to that of Rules of Survival, but its visuals rely heavily on crude aesthetic. Nonetheless, it adds to the game’s appeal. It’s almost as if you are playing a PS2 game on your handheld device in many ways. This free-to-play game only has a 32-player count and doesn’t offer duo/team plays. However, the core gameplay of Last Battleground: Survival remains addictive enough to encourage loyal players to continue playing.