12 Alternatives to the Traditional Flower Bouquet

If you and your partner are not fans of the traditional wedding, you would also go for a non-traditional wedding bouquet to complete the bridal look. There are a lot of alternatives to a flower bouquet that look just as impressive. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration.

Feather bouquet with beads. Some flowers will wilt within a few hours. If you do not want your bridal bouquet and decorations to look half dead before the party is over, synthetic feathers are just as beautiful to look at. Just add some beads and other sparkly embellishments.

Paper flower bouquets. If you still want flowers but do not like the idea of them wilting before the ceremony is over, fake flowers will do. You could have one created from various colors and textures to make them look like the real thing. Experiment with different types of paper like ombre, pages from an old book, etc.

Fabric origami. Instead of paper, you can also make a bouquet of flowers using fabric, lace, ribbons, etc. You have more choices with the fabric colors and patterns than with the flowers that are available only at specific months of the year.

Leather bouquets. Leather can also be shaped into flowers to make a bouquet. You could find dyed leather in hobby shops or you can dye them yourself with simple tools.

Burlap bouquets. Another option besides paper and felt is burlap. The pattern has a unique texture you will not get with flowers and greenery. It will not wilt if when exposed to sunlight on an outdoor or beach wedding, too.

Felt flower bouquet. Felt paper is also a good option for creative brides because they come in various bright colors. They also have a textured surface which can be embellished with buttons, gems, ribbons, and many more.

Dazzling brooch bouquets. Nothing says statement piece than a bejeweled bouquet. You can have one customized to include your favorite colors and shapes or gems that will go well with your wedding theme.

Embroidery hoop. Flower hoops are becoming popular nowadays, but a great alternative would be made from lace and ribbons.

Beaded bouquets. If gems are too expensive or showy for you, an alternative would be to create a bouquet from French beads. The texture and brilliant colors make the bouquet picture worthy.

Crocheted bouquet. This will look great as boutonnieres and bridesmaid bouquets but will also turn heads as a bridal bouquet.

Dried flowers bouquet. With this bouquet, you do not have to worry about the blooms wilting because they are already dry. You can also add more embellishments like lace or even spray paint on the flowers.

Feather fan. Another option you can do with feathers is to decorate a huge fans with. Add some stones, beads, and ribbons to complete the look.